One of the benefits of the current turmoil over health care restructuring is finding hypocrisy in the hyperbole being used against opponents of health care restructuring.

From John Marshall of Talking Points Memo, August 7, 2009:

Most significant here is not the right-wing liars and demagogues making this stuff up but the fact that they’ve convinced a significant number of their followers that this stuff is true.

Remember Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo, April 25, 2007 :

Consider the facts. President Bush had bin Laden trapped in the mountains of Tora Bora. But he let bin Laden get away because Bush wanted to focus on Saddam Hussein instead. The president and the White House tried to lie about this during the 2004 election. But since then the evidence has become overwhelming. President Bush decided to let bin Laden get away so he could get ready to attack Saddam Hussein. So pretty much anything bin Laden does from here on out is on President Bush.

Years of Bush Derangement Syndrome make it so easy, it’s almost not fair.

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