Think Progress, the Democratic policy and media-watch group, has come up with an amazing discovery. Sarah Palin was in favor of voluntary, private counseling so that people could put their end-of-life affairs in order, before she was against government bureaucrats getting involved in a mandatory process as part of health care restructuring cost savings efforts.

Nothing inconsistent about Palin’s position. It’s private versus public. It’s one thing for individuals to plan their own lives on their own, but quite different when government enforces mandates and gets involved in such decisions as part of an effort to cut health care costs. Remember, keep your laws off my body, or something like that?

But that did not stop Think Progress from proclaiming that Palin was for “death panels” before she was against them. Needless to day, this will be the meme of the day, to be run with by left-wing bloggers to “prove” that Palin has been inconsistent, when in fact there is no inconsistency.

And I love Alan Colmes’ title in his follow up: Palin Was For (What She Mislabels As) “Death Panels” Before She Was Against Them. Alan, you didn’t need to use the parenthetical; everyone knows that “death panel” was just a descriptive and evocative term, not a literal quote of the name of a panel. Well, almost everyone.

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