Bill Maher has attacked Michelle Malkin for her new book, Culture of Corruption, in typical Maher fashion. Ignore the substance to prove a political point.

What was amazing, was that Maher did it while seated next to Rachel Maddow. Why mock a book when you have such good material sitting next to you?

NewsBusters completely picks apart Maddow’s ignorance of history, and false assertions as to the cause of the Great Depression, in the video above:

That Maddow knows little of Hoover is not surprising, despite the fact she earned a doctorate — in political science at that — from Oxford. For many liberals, American history starts on March 4, 1933 with Roosevelt’s inauguration and FDR uttering the words, “We have nothing to fear …”

But you’d think their knowledge of history would extend a tad earlier, to include the 1932 campaign and Roosevelt’s criticism of Hoover — as a spendthrift hellbent on enlarging the breadth and cost of government. Doing so, however, could prove problematic for liberals’ foremost creation myth — that Hoover caused the Great Depression, “Did Nothing” in response, and Roosevelt rode to the rescue. As mythology goes, this one is Homeric in its longevity and as accurate in its
depiction of actual events.

Next time Maher takes on Michelle, he should invite her to the show. That will not happen because the last thing Maher wants is substance, enlightenment, or anything that will deflate his agenda.

But if Maher wants true comedy, next time he should sit next to a real clown, like Al Franken.

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