You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of how uncompromising the left-wing of the Democratic Party has become than the attempts to make sure the Obama administration and moderate Democrats do not compromise on the public option.

Jane Hamsher, one of the most prominent left-wing bloggers, rips into Obama and moderate Democrats in language which, if used by a conservative blogger, would result in accusations of wingnut hate-mongering and incitement:

Does anyone think that intensity of feeling is just going to go away? That people will simply accept Obama’s “goody bag” of health care toenail clippings which delivers nothing but a political victory for him, and give up on their dreams of delivery from the current health care system? [Matt] Taibbi’s right — this will be to Obama what the Iraq War was to Bush.

But instead of repeating the mistakes of the Republicans, who allowed their representatives to line up behind George Bush and walk their party over the cliff, grass roots progressives are the ones who are taking control of the health care debate. They have rejected the discredited progressive leadership of the veal pen, and they are telling their progressive members of Congress that they will not accept a health care bill with a co-op “bait and switch.”

Wow. Anything short of full-blown public health care amounts to Obama’s “health care toenail clippings.” Health care reform is becoming Obama’s Iraq. Obama is leading the Left off a cliff, just like Bush did to Republicans.

I guess this is what it looks like after the thrill is gone.

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