Tiny Honduras is holding out against Manuel Zelaya, Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Barack Obama, the Organization of American States, and the United Nations.

The economic and military sanctions imposed by the U.S. and international organizations with U.S. support are taking a toll on the Honduran economy. Violent protests continue by Zelaya supporters. Zelaya still is on tour trying to get Latin American states to turn against Honduras.

And the U.S. mainstream media, such as the NY Times, is doing its part to portray the Honduran military in a bad light, even though it is clear that the military acted lawfully under Honduran law in ousting Zelaya on orders of the Honduran Supreme Court. At least AP gave a fair account of the military’s press conference yesterday:

Interim leaders insist Zelaya’s ouster on June 28 was not a coup, saying he was voted out of office by Congress and soldiers who arrested him were obeying a Supreme Court order. However, interim President Roberto Micheletti has said the military’s decision to fly him to Costa Rica instead of jailing him may have been mishandled.

The joint chiefs of staff insisted Tuesday that the military acted to save Honduras from dictatorship. Honduras’ Supreme Court had ordered Zelaya’s arrest on abuse of power charges for trying to hold a referendum on changing the constitution in defiance of court rulings declaring the vote illegal.

“What the armed forces did on June 28 was the defense and survival of the state, which was under threat,” Rear Adm. Juan Pablo Rodriguez said on “Face to Face,” a show on local Channel 5 television.

When you are calledthugs” and a “mob” because you dare stand up for your rights at the next health care forum, remember you are not alone. These are the same types of epithets thrown at Honduras for standing up for its rights. Thrown by the same people.

UPDATE 8-6-2009: The U.S. has decided not to impose economic sanctions on Honduras, in a major victory for the current leadership. The troubles for Honduras are not over by any means, but this is the first break in the international blockade.

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