FreedomWorks, which had the temerity and meanness of spirit to encourage people to attend town hall meetings, was subjected to an organized attempt to jam its phone lines, much like happened to the Republican National Committee. FreedomWorks has published the audio files of some of the phone calls it received (obligatory warning of mean language):

Call 1: “You’re a total d**khead. Bye-bye, you little a**hole.”
Call 2: “You all suffer from the same f**king problem: you didn’t get laid enough when you were younger because you’re 5’ 3”. … Girls never paid any attention to you… You’re a little f**king dweeb who f**king didn’t get any p**** his whole f**king life… You’re a little f**king piece of shit and I would f**king step on your fu**king head quicker than you could shake a stick out, if I had the chance… You’re the f**king minority.”
Call 3: We are using tactics like Hitler to disrupt democracy. “If I have to pick up a weapon…then I will.”
Call 4: Heavy breather.
Call 5: “F**king buddies’ wives…”
Call 6: Very creepy: “Stop disrupting my democracy with Nazi, Brownshirt tactics…you immoral bast****.”
Call 7: Threat to respond violently to town hall attendees. “I hope this backfires on that piece of s*** Dick Armey.”
Call 8: “I hope you have a hard time sleeping at night.”
Call 9: “You are almost as bad as the communists… You’re from out of the country, obviously.”
Call 10: “Your Brownshirt tactics are unacceptable, un-American.”

Hmmm… “Un-American.” Where have I heard that before?

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