You know the Democrats are sensing a loss of momentum, and increasing resistance to their plans to ram through changes the American people do not want, because they have brought out the big smear that opposition to Barack Obama is racist.

The most pathetic is TPM, in its post Obama-Haters Becoming Increasingly…Racial In Their Rhetoric which uses a small number of questionable anecdotes to smear all opposition to Obama’s policies and plans. For example, TPM claims that the focus on Reverend Jeremiah Wright during the campaign was a reflection of white racism. Yes, once again criticising Jeremiah Wright’s anti-white rhetoric is used to smear critics as being anti-black. Needless to say, other pro-Obama blogs and usual suspects are picking up on the charge as well.

This is typical of the use of “Race” As Political Weapon during the campaign. It is pathetic, transparent, and ultimately counter-productive.

The American people are seeing through the ridiculous media bubble and false promises which resulted in Obama’s election and a Democratic sweep of Congress. This awakening has nothing to do with race, as Nancy Pelosi’s unpopularity far exceeds that of Obama.

The use of the race card — while it may be effective at times — is not going to change the political dynamic this time. We’ve been there, done that.

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