One of my enlightened readers from Seattle has a solution to save the planet. He took time out of his busy day to share the secret with me. And since this secret is so important, I will share the advice with you:

Have a nice life, but keep your stupidity to yourself–please. Have you not read the 2000 page cap and trade bill, and the 400 pages of amendments. Let me give you the Gilberts Notes version. We are trying to reduce hot air and toxic waste. Please do your part for the planet and just shut your mouth.

Al Gore must have a groupie, another know-it-all who stays up at night worrying that someone might have a contrary opinion. We cannot stand for disagreement, now, can we.

And like Al Gore, another complete hypocrite, who was a senior executive for a large air freight company. Burned just a few drops of planet-destroying jet fuel in his day. So he takes his guilty conscience out on those of us who don’t own a Prius.

The planet must be proud.

(h/t Bloghopenchangery)

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