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Please, No “Latke Czar”

Please, No “Latke Czar”

Do we really need a Latke Czar, as suggested by Bruce Bialosky (h/t Israel Matzav):

This may not affect the average American, but to Jewish Americans this is of utmost importance. Since the President has done everything possible to antagonize Jews over Israel, I thought he might go for this one. For those of you who do not know, latkes are a potato pancake-like delicacy that is an intricate part of the Hanukkah celebration. Unfortunately, there are some pretty bad latkes out there.

Why not a Latke Czar? I’ll tell you why. We can’t take the risk of more stories about Mimi and Pop-Pop.

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How about a babke czar? Don't turn around, uh-oh! The Babke Czar';s in town, Uh-uh-oh!

A Latke Czar… now he's going too far.
Boy do I miss Mom's Latke's.