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Obama Was Against Compulsory Health Insurance, Before He Was For It

Obama Was Against Compulsory Health Insurance, Before He Was For It

The current Democratic House bill on health care includes fines to force people to purchase health insurance, which is consistent with Barack Obama’s current position on mandates. This type of coercion, however, was criticized by Obama during the campaign, when he attacked Hillary Clinton’s health insurance plan because Hillary’s plan mandated universal coverage through fines and other mechanisms which forced people to buy coverage:

“The reason she thinks that there are more people covered under her plan than mine, is because of a mandate. It is not a mandate for the government to provide coverage to everybody. It is a mandate that every individual purchase health care. And the mailing that we put out accurately indicates that the main difference between Senator Clinton’s plan and mine is the fact that she would force, in some fashion, individuals to purchase health care ….”

Watch the whole video for Obama’s impassioned criticisms of plans which mandate that people purchase health insurance under threat of fine.


The internet has a long memory, even if the mainstream media does not.

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Just another in a long line of flip flops from the Great One!

It doesn't count if everyone knew he was lying.

I remember it well. It was one of the first big tip offs that the man would lie about anything to be elected.

His comment that "we haven't whined about it" (@2:00) got the most attention at the time, if I recall correctly.

arizona carpet cleaners | July 23, 2009 at 12:39 am

He is not a very honest individual but many of us knew that long ago.

William Jackson is a refreshing person of interest. An "Ivy" that is not a liberal mouthpiece and in lockstep with the socialist Dems! Refreshing indeed. I look forward to reading more about him! There are not many professors in universities and colleges that are not socialists to the core!

two great liars applying their craft.