With all that is happening in the world and at home, it would be easy to forget about the drama unfolding in Honduras this weekend. Manuel Zelaya is threatening another attempt at a return to Honduras this Sunday, is taking steps to set up an alternative government, and has issued an ultimatum to the Honduran leadership. The last time Zelaya attempted a return, there were bloody protests at the airport, resulting in at least one death.

Standing behind and beside Zelaya is Hugo Chavez.

As reported at Fausta’s Blog, the Honduran government claims to have uncovered computers programmed to give Zelaya a victory in the term-limit referendum which sparked the crisis. If true, it would confirm that Zelaya is just another Chavez, determined to hold onto power regardless of the Honduran Constitution.

As goes Honduras may go the rest of Latin America. Too bad our own government doesn’t see it this way. If Chavez succeeds in reinstating Zelaya, the effects will be devastating for decades.

Keep your eyes on Honduras this weekend, please.

UPDATE 7-19-2009: Looks like Zelaya is backing down for today: Zelaya moves his “ultimatum” to July 24, perhaps giving U.S. and O.A.S. sanctions against Honduras more time to work at pressuring the government to allow Zelaya to return. I’d like to think that time is working against Zelaya, but given how dependent Honduras is on the U.S. and neighboring states, I’m not sure that will be the case.

Welcome back to the U.S. Hunter Smith!

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