Ed Whelanouted” law professor “Publius” causing an interesting Sunday at Memeorandum. My last post concluded that Whelan and Publius deserved each other.

Now Whelan apologizes. And Publius accepts the apology and wants to move on to covering John & Kate Plus 8 (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

After all the trouble you two caused, this is it?

Not so fast. Having opened the can of worms by (Whelan) exposing the identity of someone who merely was biting at your intellectual ankles, and (Publius) hyperventilating that the sky was falling because you had to put your name to your ankle-biting, you two have created an issue that will not go away.

First Whelan was attacked for outing Publius. Now he will be attacked for apologizing, as will Publius for accepting the apology.

A pox on Annonyblogging-Gate’s house.

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