A tongue-in-cheek look at MSNBC’s fawning coverage of Barack Obama’s image control at a burger joint, that’s enough to send some on the Left into full-blown attack mode. At least Kraft Foods has a sense of humor, as it has issued a formal letter requesting that Obama pardon Dijon mustard users.

But wishing that someone gets kidney failure, well that’s truly funny:

What was Wanda Sykes thinking? Perhaps more to the point, what was President Barack Obama thinking when he laughed and smiled as the comedienne wished Rush Limbaugh dead?

Although the Left is reporting her White House Correspondents’ Dinner speech as “taking shots” at Limbaugh and mocking everyone, that’s a gross misrepresentation of what turned into a hateful and disgusting diatribe….

That’s way, way beyond reasoned debate or comedy and Obama’s reaction to it was astonishing.

Imagine if a comedian “joked” that Obama was a terrorist who was guilty of treason and should be tortured and allowed to die. There would justifiably be an outcry.

But when the “joke” comes from a liberal, Obama-supporting comedienne and the target is a right-winger then the likes of Hilary Rosen and Donna Brazile are on CNN saying it’s just comedy and Limbaugh is “fair game”.

And Obama laughing when someone wishes Limbaugh dead? Hard to take from the man who promised a new era of civility and elevated debate in Washington.

The quote above is from a British commentator, who may have taken campaign promises too seriously. Don’t worry about Obama going back on his promise of a new civility or change in the way politics is done in Washington.

That was just a joke. On us.

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