In an earlier post, I noted how one Huffington Post blogger, Allison Kilkenny, had called John Bolton “crazy” just five days ago for warning that North Korea was on the verge of another nuclear test. I wondered whether there would be an apology in light of the North Korean’s nuclear test last night, and the answer is no apology.

Talk about crazy, how about this entry from Kilkenny’s Twitter today, in which she worried about whether the term Norks (which appears to be used recently mostly by conservative bloggers as short-hand for North Koreans) is “considered offensive or racist.”

I should have known, the North Koreans explode a nuclear device, and the Left is worried about political correctness:

Defining the term “Norks” as “offensive” or “racist” would be a game changer. Tag conservative bloggers and columnists who used the term “Norks” as racists, and shut down debate. I wonder where she learned that trick.

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