You’ve been a bad boy, Arlen Specter. After all we did for you; making you Chair of the Judiciary Committee when we had the majority, and minority leader of the committee when we were in the minority. Supporting you against Pat Toomey five years ago. Letting you wander where ever you wanted on issue after issue. You drove us crazy, but you were ours.

But you acted like a spoiled child after we yelled at you for selling us out on the Stimulus Plan. And what did you do? You ran away from home into the arms of Harry Reid. We warned you about him. We told you that he would not be true to you, and that you would end up hurt and alone.

Don’t want to say it, but we told you so. Harry Reid promised you seniority to get you into the Democratic bed, and then he cast you aside after he’d gotten what he wanted. You only had one seniority to give, and you lost it. So who is going to want you now?

We do. Come back home Arlen.

All is not forgiven, but we are ready to Move On. Call it a gimme, a do-over, whatever you like. Stand on principle. A deal is a deal. You are a man of your word, and you expect others to stand by their man’s word.

Come back to the Republican caucus, we are so desperate we will take you back. And remember what that bad Harry Reid did to you when it comes time to vote.

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