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Why Didn’t The Saudi King Also Bow?

Why Didn’t The Saudi King Also Bow?

The Obama “bowing” incident is taking on a life of its own. Even those who defend Obama without question are acknowledging “the fact that Obama briefly bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.” No more denial that the event took place, only over its meaning.

What was the meaning? Clearly, bowing down to someone is an act of subservience, not just respect, when only one person is doing the bowing. Yet read how many liberal bloggers are spinning the incident, and all you hear is “respect” “respect” and more “respect.”

But Commentator Frank Gaffney was having none of it, speaking very plainly of what Obama’s use of the word respect means when coupled with bowing down (emphasis mine):

GAFFNEY: I think what he is using is code — … When he uses the word “respect,” in the context of a waist-bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, for example, and talks about respectful language, which is code for those who adhere to Sharia that we will submit to Sharia. We will submit to the kind of program –

These words, “in the context of a waist-bow” have been written out of existence by those who feel the need to bring Gaffney down. One blogger attacks Gaffney as such: “One might be inclined to wonder exactly how Mr. Gaffney became so familiar with the ‘codes’ that indicate submission to radical Islam.” And this logic is employed as well: “How crazy do your ideas have to be to be too crazy for mainstream television, if you’re right-wing?”

And the usual strawman-style argument, of which Obama is so proficient himself, has taken hold: Anyone who doesn’t want our President bowing down to a foreign monarch (who happens to oppress women and non-Muslims) doesn’t want to improve relations with the Muslim world:

Apparently, the American public also doesn’t know this secret “code.” A new Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that 82 percent believe that it is important for Obama “to try to improve U.S. relations with Muslim nations.” Additionally, two-thirds believe Obama will handle this diplomatic outreach “about right.”

But there is one question the people attacking Gaffney do not ask. If bowing down is merely respectful, not submissive, then why didn’t the King of Saudi Arabia also bow down to Obama?

UPDATE: Good point from Protein Wisdom – “where Obama means conciliation, nations and institutions that are predisposed so to do will see only weakness in such symbolic acts as bowing before the House of Saud.” And this post from Gateway Pundit: After Apologizing For the Liberation of Iraq All Week… Obama Arrives in Baghdad

And worse till, this from Spiegel Online: Obama’s G-20 Confession of how Obama confessed to other leaders that the U.S. was to blame for the world’s economic problems. According to the article, the confession got Obama applause. I am beginning to believe that there is something pathological in Obama’s need to put the U.S. down; it’s not just policy. Calling all shrinks.


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I don’t see how the “being respectful” explanation helps the apologists’ case. Aquinas said that “respect for persons” was not only contrary to the precepts of justice, but also a sin against God. His point was that our obligation is to be respectful of the justice of others’ causes. No one can link Saudi Arabia or its ruling clique with justice.

So you’re saying I “wrote words out of existence” when I posted the video showing what he said? Nice try.

Heads of State do not bow to other heads of State. They are on an equal basis.

When Obama bowed and on bended knee at that, to the Saudi king, he was being submissive.

One has to understand Islam to know the significance of this action. It was extremely submissive, it virtually means that Obama has given all US citizens dhimmi status where the Saudis are concerned.

It was a very shocking action and I think that it shows that Obama is totally unsuitable for the role of POTUS.