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“Think Progress” Borkers Now Object To Borking

“Think Progress” Borkers Now Object To Borking

The left-wing group Think Progress is complaining of Conservatives Holding Up Increasing Number Of Key Obama Nominees. According to the post:

Conservatives in Congress and in the media are attempting to block or delay a growing number of critical nominees for what amount to ideological witch hunts and self-interested horse-trading.

What goes around comes around. Think Progress, and its fellow travelers, consistently opposed Bush nominees by over-simplifying issues, twisting legal positions, and creating a caricature of the person nominated. When need be, Think Progress dragged family members into the fray.

This is called Borking, which was invented by the predecessors to Think Progress, and perfected by … Think Progress. Remember these highbrow exercises in intellectual nuance from Think Progress when it came to Bush administration nominees:

Or these from fellow travelers:

Democrats attacked Bush nominees relentlessly, while Think Progress cheered. As to judicial nominees, Democrats stalled and ran out the clock, but now expect a quick approval of Obama nominees.

Sorry, Think Progress. You are reaping what you sowed. And so is Obama.

UPDATE: Has everyone forgotten how Bush nominees were treated? Liberal bloggers need to study history, not just memory. This uninformed complaint from The Washington Monthly Political Animal blog:

Besides the ugliness of the attacks, what the Republicans are doing is really unprecedented. First, the President has traditionally been given deference in the choice of his advisors. If some President wants to have someone in his cabinet, the presumption is that he ought to be able to do so, absent illegality or some sort of manifest incompetence. For the Republican Senators to hold these appointees up not for those reasons, but because they disagree with their policies, is just wrong; if this happened every time a new administration came into office, the opposition party would filibuster half the nominations and no one would never govern at all.


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