UPDATE: Alan Colmes e-mailed me to indicate he meant no offense, and said “C’mon Professor, we’re BOTH blowhards.” Well, that may be going a bit too far, but thanks for the note. I take back what all those people said about him.

I am still seething over the NY Times calling me seething, and now this from Alan Colmes:

The right-wing nut machine can’t say enough bad things about President Obama….Then, some blowhard named “Legal Insurrection” writes, “Relax, The Dems Will Screw Up.”

Colmes links to my cross-post at Hot Air’s The Green Room, rather than the post at this blog. Here’s what a blowhard I am; just the facts:

  • “Hannity & Colmes” averaged 2.3 million total viewers and 505,000 A25-54 in the month of December 2008, Colmes’ last month on the show. Since then, Hannity without Colmes hasn’t lost any viewers. You brought a lot to the show, Alan.
  • Here is what a liberal icon said about Colmes: “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., compared Hannity & Colmes to a Harlem Globetrotters game, where Colmes’ “whole job is to lose every argument.””
  • Guess who called Colmes “the human straw man”? (Hint, it wasn’t me)
  • What do Alan Colmes and Al Franken have in common? (Hint, they both started as comedians.)
  • Guess who interfered in the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Iran by calling one of the captors, potentially putting our diplomats in danger? (Hint, it wasn’t me)
  • Guess who called Colmes “dopey liberal, chastened by his conservative master.” (Hint, it wasn’t me or a conservative.)
  • This photo has it about right, big guy:

  • Who feels the need to take cheap shots at a famous working mother by claiming she didn’t give proper pre-natal care of her child? (Hint, not me.) And who then changed his website when he got called out on it? (Hint, not me again.)
  • Somebody called Colmes “FOX’s favorite liberal whipping boy.” (Hint, it wasn’t me.)
  • And another the “hapless Alan Colmes” (Hint, not me again.)

You stay classy, Alan. And so will I.

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