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The Pampered, Passive Obama X

The Pampered, Passive Obama X

Camille Paglia, Obama supporter, observes:

“President Obama should yank the reins and get his staff’s noses out of slash-and-burn petty politics. His own dignity and prestige are on the line. If he wants a second term, he needs to project a calmer perspective about the eternal reality of vociferous opposition, which is built into our democratic system. Right now, the White House is starting to look like Raphael’s scathing portrait of a pampered, passive Pope Leo X and his materialistic cardinals — one of the first examples of an artist sending a secret, sardonic message to posterity. Do those shifty, beady-eyed guys needing a shave remind you of anyone? Yes, it’s bare-knuckles Chicago pugilism, transplanted to Washington.”


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Camille should check out some images of the Medici or perhaps the Doges of Venice. For my money, that’s where you find the intersection of venal greed and self-aggrandizing political correctness that Obama and friends swim.