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The Official Guide To Obama Kitsch

The Official Guide To Obama Kitsch

I am pleased to introduce The Official Guide To Obama Kitsch.

Kitsch is a word of Germanic origin which denotes something that is in poor taste, tacky, pretentious, cheap or trashy.

In order to qualify, the product must (1) feature the name or likeness of His Honor; (2) be a product that actually is for sale, not a mere photoshop or spoof; (3) not be vulgar in my sole judgment; (4) be really tacky, lacking in good taste, funny, or weird; (5) meet my subjective criteria which may change over time.

What makes this Guide “Official”? The same thing that made the The Official Guide to Blagojevich Blogs Official (Hint: The same thing that makes people think the Franklin Mint is related to the U.S. Mint, even though the commercial says it’s not.)

Since we are not trying to sell products, a link to a blog with a photo of the product is preferred. Please post suggested links as Comments, or e-mail me at contact/at/legalinsurrection/dot/com (if you can’t figure out what to change in the address, I’m not sure I want your input).

This list is a work in progress and will be updated frequently, so come back soon (there will be a left column link button to take you to this post).

Here’s the list:

Playing Cards
Flip-flops, chocolate coins and ties
(Chicken) Fingers
Toy Action Figure w/gun and saber (manufacturer’s full line here h/t)
Toy Action Figure in Gold Suit
Toy Action Figure in Dark Suit
Barack ‘n Roll Watch
Inauguration Memorabilia (incl. chocolates, mugs, cologne)
More Inauguration Memorabilia (incl. t-shirts, plates, shot glasses)
More Inauguration Memorabilia (commemorative plates and coins)
More Inauguration Memorabilia (incl. thongs and yo-yos)
Inauguration Hot Sauce
Time for a Change Baby Baby Ultrasoft Onesie
“Obama” Diamond Pendant
Communist Obama BBQ Apron
“Yes We Can” Opener
MILFs For Obama Button
Coloring Book, Lunch Box, Piggy Bank, etc.
Baseball Hats
Chia Obama Handmade Decorative Planter
Obama Wish List (warning, sophomoric college humor)
Ben & Jerry’s Yes Pecan Ice Cream
Obama Nesting Doll
Votive Candle
17″ Plush Doll in Blue/Brown
►(No, I will not link to the commemorative dildo, so don’t ask)
I Love Obama “Vintage” T-Shirt “made specifically for women” (Vintage? As in circa 2008?)
Anti-Obama Posters (from the bipartisan purveyor of “Vintage” T-Shirts)
Farmer/Scholar Poster
Iron Man Poster
Bobble-Head Doll in Dark Suit (only $27.99)
Very Dark-Skinned Doll with Flag Pin (Doesn’t even look like Him)
Full Line of Bobble Head Dolls
Chia Obama (now removed from Walgreens shelves)
Obama Mao T-Shirt

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Obama action figure from Japan (w/ katana, American flag, and light saber!)

Link address:

Thanks, both are on the list now.

I have not seen anything yet but have a suggestion:

1. Airforce 1 plastic helicopter, a great product to give to visiting dignitaries.

2. The Obamafiles (X-files) on DVD; a must have present for visiting heads of state

After the election, there was an entire store in my town of Austin devoted to Obama. I did an investigative report here:

My group blog is mostly devoted to music and mostly apolitical (I’m the only conservative, so that’s a good thing), but I couldn’t turn down the opportunity for a photo-essay. Someone had to capture the ridiculousness.

–Gordon Winslow

You need to include the Obama ‘themed’ running shoes. They’ve got an image of Obama on the sole of the shoe! I’d post a link but cannot on here. It’s at

I would like to add something about the word "Kitsch"..I am offended..It is a bad word for everything I read about on the internet. yes it Originated from Germany but I DO NOT consider it trash..junk..hmm could It be that It is a family name of mine? I get so hurt by all the negativity using this word..come on let's say something nice about it for once! My great grandpa was German..I know nothing of the language..being from The United States..We are a good family and So was my Grandfather..thanks..edith(evelyn)