World gone mad item of the day, from Britain. Under new school rules, teachers are not allowed to run after and stop grade school children who run from school. Under “safe handling” procedures, the teachers are only allowed to “track” the child and call police to stop the child. This is deemed safer, because if the teacher ran after the child, it might cause the child to run faster, putting the child in danger of falling.

This from the Telegraph Newspaper, on the case of a 4-year old who was permitted to run from school unimpeded much to the anger of the child’s mother:

Teachers are being told they cannot chase children who run away from school, and must “track” them and call police instead.

They have been told that running after primary age pupils breaches “safe handling” rules because it can lead them to flee faster.

The advice came to light after a mother criticised teachers for calling officers rather than stopping her four-year-old son themselves when he ran away from school.

This young lad apparently is a habitual runner-away:

On one occasion River and another boy of similar age were followed as they walked near a busy main road and five police vehicles turned up to pick them up, she claimed.

Five police vehicles to pick up a runaway 4-year old because the teachers are not allowed to stop the child themselves, so the child does not hurt himself from running too fast. Ah, government efficiency at its finest.


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