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AP: Richard Falk “Who Is Jewish”

AP: Richard Falk “Who Is Jewish”

Richard Falk is a long-time anti-Israel (and often anti-American) polemicist. A retired Princeton professor, Falk has dedicated much of his life to blaming Israel and the United States for the world’s woes, while coddling extremism everywhere else in the world. Not surprisingly, Falk also is the special envoy of the anti-Israel UN Human Rights Council investigating “war crimes” in Gaza.

Falk is Jewish, a fact he uses to deflect criticism. He peddles the false syllogism that being Jewish means being fair to Israel. It is the same false argument used by the equally anti-Israel Norman Finkelstein.

The Associated Press uses a similar tactic to lend legitimacy to Falk’s anti-Israel views in an article titled “U.N. rights envoy sees Israeli war crimes in Gaza.” What a surprise. Falk finds war crimes based on Israel’s use of the military in densely populated Gaza to stop Palestinians from firing missiles into Israel from those densely populated areas.

The article notes that Falk was “denied entry to Israel two weeks before the assault started, forcing him to abort a planned mission to Gaza.” The article does not mention that the reason Falk was denied entry was that he was viewed as so biased, and as having such an anti-Israel agenda, that Israel took the almost unprecedented step of denying entry to a UN official. By contrast, UN agencies and personnel operate freely in Israel and the Palestinian areas, so denying Falk entry was a big step reflecting Falk’s lack of neutrality.

Instead of noting Falk’s anti-Israel past, the AP article seeks to legitimize Falk’s criticism’s of Israel by noting that Falk is Jewish:

Falk, who is Jewish, suggested the Security Council might set up an ad hoc criminal tribunal to establish accountability for war crimes in Gaza, noting Israel has not signed the Rome statutes establishing the International Criminal Court.

Why not just report the truth about Falk to put his findings in proper perspective, rather than insulating Falk from criticism based on his religion?


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OK, I might be ; strike that, I will be; culturally biased in my opinion here, but this is what happens when you try to pull a country out of your Equus africanus asinus.

Rewind back to 1947, take Bavaria from Germans, give it to the Jews; “Dude, I WON”.

Forward to 2000, a German lobs a mortar round into Jew occupied Bavaria… UN kicks some German Equus africanus asinus

Reality… We tried to put some people where they did NOT belong, drawn by national borders mentioned in some obscure text written 3000 years ago. We tried to pump couple billion / or trillion into that country trying to prop them up.

If we had let the rules that formed Israel slip by, half of Spain would be ruled by the Moors, 3/4 of Italy by the Carthaginians, and what a SHOCK, 100% of USA by their indigenous people, the Red Skins.

Devrim taking your example a bit further most of the Arab world would not be Arab either.

As for Falk, he is a communist and not a Jew. He may be of Jewish lineage but he is definitely not a Jew. Finklelstein is just deranged. Jews may and often do disagree with policies of the Israeli state but Jews do not question the existence of or the right to exist of a Jewish State.

cubanbob I am not questioning the right to exist of a Jewish State, I am just arguing while they picked the placement of that Jewish State hindsight was 20/20.

Scenario 1 :

Iran (assuming they have nuclear capability or soon will have nuclear arms) launches against Israel, Israel counters.

a . Russia, being in bed with Iran, retaliates, which in turn is retaliated by the US. Humanity, if any survive, return back to the stone age.

b. Russia does nothing. Other Arab countries pissed of ’cause Iran was hit and in dire straits to deal with the fallout stop all oil shipments to the west. Leaving Russia and Venezuela as the sole producers of oil. Oil hits $5000 a barrel.

Scenario 2:

Iran launches, Israel fails to launch in time, counter measures fail, Israel, and neighboring Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan (mostly Sunni) are wiped out and/or having to deal with the fallout.

Sunnis pissed at arrogant Shiites gang up on Iran, there is a “Mideast Crisis” effectively stopping all oil production/shipments from the area….

Scenario 3:

Israel hits Iran preemptively destroying its nuclear capability.

a. Every Arab country as a protest stop oil shipments to the west.

b. Every Arab country gang up on Israel

If you can come up with any alternative scenarios, be my guest.