At least they spelled my name correctly:

Over at Legal Insurrection Blog, they’ve been banging the drum for Governor Blagojevich and against a guilty verdict on the Impeachment for quite some time. Blogger William Jacobson has been pointing out Ricky Hendon as a guy who has it right, and Hendon himself has been on the hustings speaking about his doubts about the Impeachment the past few days. Legal Insurrection has been arguing that the Impeachment is flawed, and that may be why we saw the Chief Justice Fitzgerald turn over the deliberations to Sen. Cullerton. While the author of that blog is a law professor, I imagine he is also a lawyer who from time to time takes on a few cases. While his arguments were also carried on the local blog, Illinois Review, I think he’s working for the Governor.

No, I’m working for the people, truth, and justice, in that order. Here, they don’t even get the spelling right:

Could you explain this in more depth? You say Professor Jacobsen is making “some excellent arguments,” and you excerpt a few lines from his posts, but I went over to his blog and I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he was saying.

Hope I don’t run into this guy in a dark alley, although he did spell my name correctly:

Well then, Mr. Jacobson, I have just one last question for you: if the Senate took your advice and did not convict him, would you then, knowing what you know now, be willing to move to this state and live under Rod’s misrule for the next two years? …

My point is this: Your concern for the rule of law is commendable, but what part of “impeachment is a POLITICAL process, not a criminal one” don’t you get?

Sorry if I get a little carried away about this topic, but it’s easy for you to sit there and pontificate about how he shouldn’t be removed, because you won’t have to live with the consequences if he isn’t.

Based on the comments I’m receiving, I think I am living with the consequences.


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