One of the nagging questions of this election is the emotional, almost violent, reaction of Obama supporters to Sarah Palin. The absurd and offensive verbal abuse hurled at Palin has been unprecedented, and the mainstream media has led the charge. But why?

Many have speculated that Palin represents a threat to old-school liberal feminism. Maybe. Some think that Palin’s gun-totin‘ moose-huntin‘ lifestyle cannot be tolerated by the big-city liberal elites. Okay. Others guess that Palin’s decision not to abort her child with Down Syndrome is a real life threat to the abortion-on-demand dogma. Makes sense. But all these comments have missed what I believe to be the reason Obama supporters and the mainstream media hate Sarah Palin so much.

Why do they hate her so much? She’s happy. Unhappy people can’t stand happy people.
As others have noted, Obama rallies are not happy events. Neither is the Obama campaign. There is an angry tone, a desire for revenge against those who supposedly have done the people wrong, a settling of old scores. While Obama preaches hope, the “subtext” of his campaign is anger and frustration. For all the times I have seen Obama on television, only once or twice have I seen him laugh.
The mainstream media is no better. Is there a single happy person at MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC (well maybe not ABC), CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, or elsewhere in the bastions of the elite media? Palin’s happiness simply is something that cannot be tolerated by the unhappy people who run traditional news organizations.
A vote for McCain/Palin is a vote for people who are happy — in their lives, their families, their country. A vote for Obama/Biden is a vote for angry people. You choose who you want running this country for the next four years.


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