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Unless you've been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the scores of reported attacks against Jews that have occurred over the last several weeks. While Hamas targeted Israeli Jews with rocket fire and explosives, the "anti-Zionists, not-anti-Semites" of the western world targeted diaspora Jews in America, Canada, and Europe for harassment, destruction of property, and even violent assault.

Evanston, a Chicago suburb, approved a $10 million reparation program for its black residents as compensation "for codified discrimination:"
“The Local Reparations Restorative Housing Program ... acknowledges the harm caused to Black/African-American Evanston residents due to discriminatory housing policies and practices and inaction on the part of the City,” the resolution reads.

Chicago’s mayor Lori Lightfoot approved dyeing the river that runs through the city into green, renewing a tradition she nixed last year because of COVID-19.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot had canceled the annual dyeing in 2020 — and vowed to do the same this year — because of the coronavirus, citing social-distancing concerns over the crowds it typically draws.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) called for a two-day break after officials pulled off one agreement. Students K-8th grade have not attended in-person class since March 2020 due to COVID-19. CPS wanted to open schools in January, but the union has made it difficult by insisting officials have not met any demands.

The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted not to return to classes on Monday, January 25, citing safety issues despite the fact that schools around the state and nation have opened without too many problems. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) said that 130 private and parochial schools along with 2,000 learning centers returned to classrooms in the fall.
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