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The 2016 presidential race has been cranking for months now, but news out of Florida's east* coast is set to kick off the perpetual spin cycle that is the 2016 congressional campaign season. Retired US Army bomb tech Brian Mast announced today the launch of his campaign to retake Florida's 18th congressional district for Republicans:
“While I recovered from my injuries, I told my wife that the example I set for our children would not end with that blast in Afghanistan—but that I would continue to offer everything I have to make sure the world they inherit is safer and more prosperous than the one we have today.” “Our nation is at a crossroads and our democracy is desperate for both leadership and decisive action on a wide range of issues that drive our economic future and national security,” said Mast. “The American people deserve better than they have gotten from our federal government— once in Congress, I plan to lead the way to increase educational opportunities for our young people and economic prosperity for all Americans.”
The seat is currently held by Democrat Patrick Murphy, who recently announced his run for the US Senate. Murphy beat out then-Congressman Allen West in 2012, and GOP nominee Carl Domino in the 2014 midterms. The political media has been buzzing about a potential Mast run for the past few weeks, honing in on Mast's service in Afghanistan, and the injuries he sustained after stepping on an IED. Mast lost both of his legs (to just above the knee,) and his left index finger, and has limited use of his left pinky as well as damage to his left forearm. Since his return from Afghanistan Mast has traveled the country, speaking without pay, motivating some to label him "an American hero." Check out Mast's campaign launch video: