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Amid an escalating armed conflict in northern Ethiopia, Israel has kick started an operation aimed at airlifting around 2000 Ethiopian Jews from the country. The first flight of this mission arrived on Thursday carrying 319 members of Ethiopia's Jewish community. They were greeted by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and leading members of his government at Ben Gurion airport.

The last time we checked in on the dysfunctional Israel elections, it looked like Bibi Netanyahu's Likud Party had won a sweeping election -- the third in a year -- which would allow it to put together a right-wing coalition government. BUT WAIT, then the exit polls were off and the actual results still had Likud in the lead, but without the ability to put together a ruling coalition. A majority of Knesset members said they would back Blue-and-White challenger for Prime Minister Benny Gantz, leading Israel's President to give Gantz the 'mandate' to form a government....

The magician pulls another rabbit out of his hat. The last we checked, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fell just short in his effort to build a ruling coalition after the third election in a year ended in stalemate again. Rival Benny Gantz' Blue and White coalition was given the nod to try to form a government, but as we reported, that was unlikely, Bye-Bye Bibi, hello Prime Minister Benny Gantz? (maybe, maybe not):

Last time we checked, the dysfunctional Israeli political system had just completed its third attempt in a year to elect a Prime Minister. Based on the exit polls, it appeared that Bibi Netanyahu would be the next Prime Minster, with his Likud Party and other religious and right-wing parties obtaining a majority.

Israel is heading for a third election in eleven months after repeated rounds of negotiations failed to yield a coalition government. In consecutive elections, which took place in April and September, neither Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party nor the opposition Blue and White alliance managed to secure a majority in a 120-seat Knesset, Israel's parliament.

Israel is set to present Iran's violation of the nuclear agreement to the United Nations Security Council later this month, the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz confirmed on Thursday. "Iran is developing missiles capable of carrying a nuclear payload while violating UN Security Council resolutions," he said.

Israel held an election after the last election left the nominal winner, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party, unable to form a majority coalition. This time around, the result may be the same. Based on exit polls, which have been wrong in the past, there is no clear 'winner' -- keep in mind it's not like here where one party gets a majority. In Israel, whoever is able to form a coalition of 61 Knesset seats is the winner, and that can take days or weeks.

Many in the media and policy circles are fretting about the effect Benjamin Netanyahu's reelection will have on the peace process. But few are examining the true impediment to peace: the Palestine Authority. A recent Washington Post article took the approach that a Netanyahu victory "clouds prospects" for the success of the Trump administration's yet-to-revealed peace plan. Though the article refers to the Palestinians, it doesn't mention the Palestinian Authority, PA President Mahmoud Abbas, or Hamas.