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‘Irish Lives Matter’ Graffiti, Anti-Illegal Immigrant Signage Treated As ‘Hate Incidents’ in Northern Ireland

‘Irish Lives Matter’ Graffiti, Anti-Illegal Immigrant Signage Treated As ‘Hate Incidents’ in Northern Ireland

“We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan which is directly counterpoised to movements against the oppression faced by black people and other ethnic minorities.”

Just when one thought it couldn’t get much more troubling than former Ultimate Fighting champ Conor McGregor being investigated by police over alleged “hate speech” after criticizing Ireland and its capital city of Dublin over the out-of-control illegal immigrant situation and their leadership failures, we’ve learned this week that Northern Ireland authorities now consider the use of pro-Irish phrases like “Irish lives matter” and anti-illegal immigrant signage as possible hate incidents:

Anti-immigration signage erected in west Belfast is being treated as a hate incident, police have said.

A sign, which appeared in the Tildarg Avenue area, said that the community “will no longer accept the re-housing of illegal immigrants.”

The poster also used an offensive term while referring to “other communities.”

Graffiti reading “Irish lives matter” was also daubed on the wall of the Kennedy Centre on the Falls Road overnight.

The BBC-NI also reported that people are being urged to contact the police if they have any information on the graffiti artists/sign erectors.

Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly member Gerry Carroll, an admitted Socialist, melted down in response to reports of the signage and of course, blamed “racism” for their appearance:

People Before Profit’s Gerry Carroll said there was “no place in our society for this kind of racist poison”.

“We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan which is directly counterpoised to movements against the oppression faced by black people and other ethnic minorities,” he said.

Carroll’s full thoughts were expressed on the Twitter machine, where “nefarious and far-right elements” were prominently featured:

“Vile, intimidatory signs were erected in the Suffolk area calling for immigrants not to be housed there. Meanwhile, ‘Irish Lives Matter,’ was scrawled on a wall at the Kennedy Centre on Falls Road overnight,” Carroll wrote. “Nefarious and far-right elements are seeking to blame migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees for the problems caused by the rich and governments who protect and bolster corporate profits at all costs.”


“In recent days we have seen the chilling effect that the growth and intervention of far-right forces in the South can have on communities who are marginalized,” Carroll added, referring to the riots that unfolded across Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, in response to the stabbing of several people, including a woman and three children, outside a primary school in the city center. Local reports identified the suspect as an Algerian man who had become an Irish citizen after living on welfare in the country for decades.

It will shock absolutely no one to learn that Carroll, who is one of the more outspoken public officials in either country when it comes to alleged racism against minority communities, is a proponent of… anti-Semitism:

The phrase “Irish lives matter” has also been seen on protest signs, as shown in the below clip from Radio Genoa:

Not surprisingly, Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, takes a far more welcoming stance on the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement:

Though it’s important to distinguish between the two countries, when it comes to free speech, neither Ireland nor Northern Ireland seem to be particularly keen on the “free” part:

Here’s a partial transcript of Media Minister Martin’s remarks (transcribed from the video):

A draft code will be published very shortly for stakeholder consultation, and this will hold the video sharing platforms accountable for how they protect their users online and will deal with extremist content like hate speech and incitement to violence.

This is a new era in which the regulators and the people they serve will be empowered to make the online world safer for all.

Sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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Yep, people do not like subversives trying to turn their country into a shit hole Muslim country. Europe is facing another dark age.

Ireland is ruled by invaders and fascists. The Orwellian anti-free speech/thoughtcrime bill being proposed is enough reason to overthrow the government. Imagine making opposition speech/memes a crime and calling yourself a democracy.

So, Ireland, the response from your elite leaders is Irish lives really don’t matter. You probably shouldn’t have put them in power, and supported all their vile, destructive agenda items, from abortion on demand to immigration. You deserve everything you get. Enjoy, good and hard, the end of your country.

Guess the Paddies are done.

The globalist families are certainly on a tear.

The audacity is striking.

For decades, we thought the top of the pile was one of us.

How wrong we were.

I’m gonna speculate that BLM graffiti would be OK.

I am thankful for the Bill of Rights!

    Close The Fed in reply to ParkRidgeIL. | November 30, 2023 at 5:33 pm

    They’re eroding it at a very fast pace. I wouldn’t be complacent. I’d be working to reverse the erosion as hard as you can.

All Lives Matter. Lock me up and throw away the key for that one.

“When Irish Eyes are Smiling” declared a Hate Song, musicians investigated for public performances.

Irish Police Garda are the new Black and Tan of this century.

Conor McGregor is this todays Big Guy, Michael Collins.

I really want to see the Irish rise up and turn Ireland back to Ireland

Send all the muzzies back to their shithole countries of origin

I’m 1/5 Irish, glad my grandmother didn’t see this

‘…make the online world safer for all’. Maybe it would better if the ‘authorities’ took care of making the IRL world safer from stabbings by agitated immigrants, among others. Once they get a handle on real world street crime and make significant inroads to stop trafficking online if there’s time and resources left they can worry about hurt feelings.

Irish Lives Matter

Put another one in the “win” column for Mr. Soros.

Morning Sunshine | November 30, 2023 at 6:11 pm

” the problems caused by the rich and governments who protect and bolster corporate profits at all costs.”

– well, he got that much right anyway.

Actually I’m 1/4 Irish

I see I’m in moderation also


It used to be, in Northern Ireland, you had to worry about the Provos (Provisional Wing of the Irish Republican Army — Terrorists) causing problems. Now you have to worry about insulting Muslims. Dhimmi!! In the 80s, I was married to a woman from Northern Ireland, so I know.

If a government condemns citizens for promoting their own people in their own country, it’s not your country any more. You’ve been conquered.

    henrybowman in reply to LB1901. | December 1, 2023 at 1:00 am


    ““We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan”

    Now, I admit we have a not insubstantial beam in our own eye… but how does a “representative government” of an ethnic people* get so far out of control as to oppress those very people in deference to others?

    *By this, I mean that Ireland has been populated almost exclusively by the Irish since Rome fell, unlike the USA which has been a “melting pot” for 250+ years.

    caseoftheblues in reply to LB1901. | December 1, 2023 at 7:40 am

    Perfectly stated

So much for (Irish) indigenous rights huh?

Why aren’t the usual suspects jumping up and down yelling about this? Where are the protest marches?

A sharpie marker and currency… and start paying cash for everything.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | November 30, 2023 at 11:06 pm

I detest all of these “… Lives Matter” slogans. The original one was infantile and stupid and there is no reason to follow suit. There are infinitely many better English phrases to use. Anything that hearkens back to the treasonous and retarded BLM commies is annoying and stupid.

BTW, this kind of carp is exactly why I loathe the campaign against “hate.”
Progressivism has taken the word ‘hate’ and turned it into something it’s not. Hate is not a bad thing, unless it’s misapplied. It should be perfectly fine to hate people who regularly kill babies and such, or attack another group of people and rape and murder them.

Just as “indoctrination” isn’t the problem, but what is being indoctrinated, “hate” isn’t the problem, but what is hated and why. And, whether or not that hate becomes embedded and broadened to the innocent.

Ireland needs to exit the EU. Irish-exit.

Who put the globalists in charge?

“We are under no illusions that ‘Irish Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan…”

Or it could be a reaction to some folks recently killed.

Yeah just another example of how both the “great replacement truth” as well as “white genocide” are continuing and progressing quite well just as the fascist-left and the globalists have determined and very deliberately planned these long ago and are quite determined to see to it to their full and complete end and conclusion.

I was contemplating a visit to Ireland. Never been there and thought it would be a great trip. But, I’ll not spend my money in any country/state/city which discriminates against its own citizens. Saying BLM is fine but Irish Lives Matter isn’t, calling it a hate crime, is discriminatory. To Hell with Ireland until its citizens have enough sense to remove tyrants from office.