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New Writing Center at Bard College to Focus on Social Justice Narratives

New Writing Center at Bard College to Focus on Social Justice Narratives

“reimagines the study of literature and writing as both an academic and social practice”

Note how the focus is on the leftist political issue and not the writing. The left’s agenda eclipses everything.

The College Fix reports:

Social justice narratives focus of new Bard College writing center

A new writing center at Bard College will focus on “publishable narratives on social justice topics” as well as “free expression” and “civil dialogue.”

The Center for Ethics and Writing at the New York university will start up with the aid of a $300,000 grant from the Booth Ferris Foundation.

“The center aims to address the deterioration of civic dialogue, which has been under increasing threat in recent years from a growing intolerance of opposing viewpoints and widening gaps in experiences along racial, ethnic, and economic lines,” a news release sent to The College Fix stated.

The center “reimagines the study of literature and writing as both an academic and social practice.”

The Fix asked the center’s director, Dinaw Megstu, for further information on how the new program will increase tolerance for opposing viewpoints and if “social justice topics” would include center-right beliefs, such as school choice and opposition to abortion.

The Fix also asked if conservative voices would be included in the programming.

Megstu said via email “it’s our hope that the Center’s work teaches students how to engage with a vast range of social/political issues outside of the traditional discourse.”

“The aesthetic we encourage our students to engage with isn’t argumentative or position-based,” he said. He added that the center does not “ask students to find answers or resolutions but rather to engage critically and creatively with multiple perspectives, to find common ground in uncertainty and in the complexity of the human condition.”

The center also wants students to “interrogate their own understanding and role as authors and narrators. That holds true for any concerns they may have and bring to the classroom.”

But programming so far has been devoid of center-right views, including a workshop on “Writing While Black.”


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Porn Actress Groomer/Recruiter | September 27, 2023 at 11:20 am

It’s as if their intent is to identify and groom late adolescents into becoming scriptwriters and speechwriters for the next Squad members.

Rather like how some have described Disney and the entire film/tv industry as one large grooming “factory” to keep developing and churning out pretty girls willing to do porn.

Bard is much smaller and much more isolated geographically than, say, Boston U., and so it may well prove to be much more efficient and effective for their purposes.

It strikes me that they’ve turned Bard into a brain-washing camp in North Korea, circa 1952.

$58,000/yr tuition to attend this camp masquerading as a learning institution.

It’s “outside of the traditional discourse” meaning just the woke side. Sounds like a propaganda mill, not emphasizing straightforward fact-based argumentation but vague other stuff.