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Boston University Prof Creates ‘Racism Denial Response Guide’

Boston University Prof Creates ‘Racism Denial Response Guide’

“Racism denial involves obscuring the reality of racism or minimizing its significance”

The left believes everyone is racist and denying it is only more proof of this fact.

The College Fix reports:

Boston U. professor creates guide to deal with racism ‘deniers’

A Boston University professor of social work has created a “racism denial response guide” to help the alleged racially enlightened challenge their less-refined peers.

For Phillipe Copeland, statements such as “I don’t see race,” “You’re just playing the race card” and “They were just a person of their time” all are examples of racism denial.

“Racism denial involves obscuring the reality of racism or minimizing its significance,” Copeland writes in The Emancipator. “Racism denial is a political strategy. Its proponents know they benefit from racism and want to perpetuate it. They attempt to convince people racism is no longer an issue or is not a big enough one to require attention.”

Copeland argues racism denial “comes in many forms,” such as:

— “Refuting.” Deniers want to see proof that racism is the fundamental factor behind “certain situations,” and then follow up by challenging any evidence provided.

— “Minimizing.” This is attempting to paint (racist) incidents as isolated matters or “suggesting those incidents are being exaggerated.

— “Revising history.” For Copeland, pointing out that many/most people in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries viewed slavery as a normal facet of society (that the evolution of civilization is a natural phenomenon) is a “revision.”

— “Myopia.” Defined as “an unwillingness to perceive racism accurately.” If you believe racism had little or no role in certain outcomes, you’re racially nearsighted.

Interestingly, one of the “Response Strategies” under the “Minimizing” category is to “explain that progress deserves celebration but should not lead to complacency.” Yet, a strategy under “Revising history” reads “explain that the historical period in which people lived is not an excuse for racism and that antiracists were ‘people of their time.’”

In other words, progress is a good thing, but we should expect our centuries-old ancestors to have had the same values and mores we hold today.


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This is Platinum-level grifting, and this guy should be congratulated.

Anyone else out there who looks forward to this scamp sitting on an admissions committee? Or a jury in a civil action?

Or, better, imagine the fees he’ll command as an expert witness , assuming he can keep a straight face in front of a jury

This won’t end well

I notice that the Perfesser teaches in social work. That dimwit couldn’t be more cliche.

The clever among the race grifters just want to “keep the conversation going”. It’s dying out, so they are giving new talking points.

They’re really being antisocial, bringing up something we’re all done talking about. The best thing I can think of is mute silence or walking away. They want to talk about it, I don’t.

If they can stimulate conversation, there’s always some new theory or unprovable point they can bring up to provoke endless conversation. Just get them out of your life if you can.

    NotCoach in reply to artichoke. | January 30, 2023 at 1:14 pm

    First rule of pseudoscience? Your pseudoscience is unfalsifiable. If you believe in flat earth you’re a flat earther. If you don’t believe in flat earth you’re a flat earth denier.

    “Let me present an argument against everything being racist.”

    “Oh, that’s racist.”

Always the concept of “If you deny it, you’re just admitting it.” Which brings us back to legal remedies, where they would be required to prove it.

Unfortunately, juries nowadays are not the brightest and might just buy the anti-5th Amendment argument.

Those doing gaslighting, scapegoating, lying, shaming, insulting, accusing, devaluing, emotional blackmail, entitlement, vengeance, learned helplessness and lack of empathy usually consider it fine.

    pdulchinos in reply to jolanthe. | January 31, 2023 at 9:29 am

    At what point does society reject the teachings of this divisive ideological racist cult?

    If you question their dogma you are a heretic…

    Refute their statistically challenged annadotal observations of systemic racism, you are a denier of the faith.

    Put incidents of racism in the perspective of reality you are a “minimizer”

    Better to be a little “myopic” than blind, these grifters cannot see the forest from trees..

    And History cannot be “revised”, one can only add to the body of research… but, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

    They demand unwavering obedience… fail to conform to their thought control and you will be persecuted…

    These “Theo-Marxist” follow neither science, statistical analysis nor reality… they push a cancer on society and propose solutions in search of a problems, and all for the expressed purpose of destroying civilization in the quest for absolute power…

Copeland, you’re a Nazi.
And if you deny you’re a Nazi, that just proves it.
I’m tired of this schoolyard gotcha game.

Shorter version: “I’ll assert whatever I want to.”