Lunatics at CBS: Stick Your Thanksgiving Guests in the Garage Until They Test Negative for COVID

As many polls — and ratings! — will attest, the legacy media in the United States is deeply unpopular and wildly out of touch with everyday Americans. This was on glorious display this morning during a pre-Thanksgiving segment on CBS’ morning show, CBS Mornings. The hosts weren’t merely tackling the important issues of perfect place settings and seasonal cocktail recipes, they also took the time to help viewers plan for dealing with those pesky guests and their COVID germs.

When questioned by host Nate Burleson about the delicate issue of demanding to see your guests’ vaccination cards before allowing them to step foot in your house, their “expert” guest, psychologist Lisa Damour — taking the handoff from Fauci himself — had what she rather confidently and proudly thought was the solution: stick them in the garage. Oh, sure, ply them with booze and snacks, but stick them out there with the lawnmower, dead leaves, and cobwebs until they can prove themselves to be worthy of dining with you by coughing up a negative COVID test. So much fun!

Nothing says togetherness like dividing your guests into the clean and the unclean. Perhaps stick the unclean in the backyard for their meal and occasionally wave at them from your comfortable, warm seat inside the house?

Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center shared the lunacy on Twitter.

The laughter from the hosts shows that even they knew this lady had started hitting the hard stuff a little early in the day. And Twitter’s reaction to this nonsense, of course, didn’t disappoint.

They are cult members, and Fauci is their leader. Needless, it’s likely that very few people were actually watching this show and fewer still would heed such nonsense. Instead, much to the consternation of CBS, Fauci, and the COVID cult, Americans will spend tomorrow warmly inviting people into their homes and enjoying Thanksgiving, giving nary a thought to vaccines, mandates, and rapid tests.

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