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Azusa Pacific University Hosts Seminar on ‘Gender Identity/Pronouns’

Azusa Pacific University Hosts Seminar on ‘Gender Identity/Pronouns’

“we were there to respect lived experiences, not to discuss biblical principles”

Azusa Pacific University is an evangelical Christian school, which makes this story a bit more alarming.

The Federalist reports:

Azusa Pacific University Proves Gender Insanity Has Also Invaded Christian Schools

It’s easy to mock and laugh at “woke” seminars and college classes when they aren’t happening at your school. That only happens at public universities, not my private Christian school, I thought until just a few weeks ago.

Earlier this month, Azusa Pacific University’s Disciples in Action club hosted a seminar on “Gender Identity/Pronouns.” The meeting, hosted by the group on campus encouraged to promote and teach the student body in discipleship, began their meeting on one simple premise: we were there to respect lived experiences, not to discuss biblical principles.

The conversation moved to a lecture, question and answer format. After a discussion of “neo-pronouns” including xe/xem and ze/zer, the leaders briefly explained what they believed it meant to be transgender. One individual described it as someone feeling as though one is “different from the sex they were assigned at birth.” Of course, this confuses gender and sex, which the left argues are simultaneously entirely different and interchangeable words.

The leaders then asked the group how each individual had explored his or her identity and pronouns, implying this is something everyone goes through.

Someone in the classroom responded to this by mentioning that her journey began with a book called “Recovering from Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: How the Church Needs to Rediscover Her Purpose.” This book, according to the APU student, taught her that to be a woman means “nothing more than feeling like a woman.”

No biological traits. No chromosomes. Not the ability to give birth. Nothing is needed to be a woman except to feel as though you are one. And this is falsely described as a “Christian” teaching.


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People’s sex is not “assigned” at birth, but “identified.” Nearly all (>99%) babies have obvious sex characteristics that reflect their immutable XY or XX chromosomes.

No person born male will ever be able to produce ova, and no person born female will ever produce sperm. People who decide to “transition” can never reproduce as the other sex. They can only neuter themselves and try to make themselves look like the other sex.

Biology does not defer to political correctness.