You may have been thinking all the insanity we’ve been living through for months will finally end with the election, but it’s not likely. Far left groups are lining up a host of activities to keep themselves busy in the event of a Biden loss.

According to the left, our choices include a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” if Biden wins, or massive unrest if Trump wins.

Brittany De Lea reports at FOX News:

Activist group plans widespread, ‘disruptive’ election activities to thwart potential Trump ‘coup’

An activist group is planning large-scale and widespread ‘disruptive activity’ starting on the night of the election, in an attempt to stop what it predicts will be an “attempted coup” by President Trump in the form of a refusal to accept the election results.

“Shut Down D.C.” is setting the stage for mass gatherings in D.C., noting that the “resistance” must begin during the “muddied” legal and political debate over the election outcome.

“Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action,” the group says on its website.

In a separate document, first reported by The Federalist, the group characterizes its planned movement as an “uprising,” and calls for potentially blockading the White House, blocking traffic, shutting down government office buildings and even Amazon fulfillment centers.

So they’re saying that they are planning disruptions if Trump refuses to accept the results of the election after he loses. A familiar feeling is beginning to come over me. Why do I suspect that it will in fact be the activists who refuse to accept the election results if Trump wins?

Joy Pullmann of The Federalist has more details:

Trump Resistance Plans ‘Mass Mobilization’ After Election To Shut Down The Country If Biden Doesn’t Win

Riot and protest instigators plan to “make sure Trump leaves the White House” by any means necessary after the Nov. 3 election, according to website posts from the group Shut Down DC and their allies. “W]e’re making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way,” the group says on its website currently.

“Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action,” an Oct. 13 version of the same web page reads, according to Internet Archive records…

On the page, Shut Down DC sketches out its plans for election night and immediately following. On Nov. 4-7, the group says it plans to “do whatever it takes”:

In the days following the election we’ll continue to come out into the streets every day to respond to rapidly changing events. We may be waiting for votes to be counted or we may be responding to major attacks on democracy. Over the next few weeks we’ll use our Spokes Council process to plan actions that are flexible and can scale to respond to a lot of different scenarios.

If you look at the website for Shut Down DC, it’s not clear what they plan to do if Trump has a decisive win and Biden is defeated. I suspect their behavior will be the same no matter what.

On a related note, flyers are being left at homes in Kansas City, New Hampshire, and presumably other locations, warning the residents that they have been identified as Trump supporters and should therefore prepare for the consequences after election day:

In case you can’t read the text in the image, it says:

“Dear neighbor, you have been identified by our group as being a Trump supporter. Your address has been added to our database as a target when we attack should Trump not concede the election. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy and make that it is current and that it has adequate coverage for fire damage. You have been given ‘Fair Warning.’”

Democrats and their media allies have spent almost four years saying Trump is a threat to our democracy.

It would be great to hear them comment on these notes.


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