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Dartmouth Survey Finds Democrat Students Are the Most Intolerant

Dartmouth Survey Finds Democrat Students Are the Most Intolerant

“also are much less likely than Republican students to study and work on course projects with those of differing ideology”

This completely defies the accepted narrative but conservative students know it’s true.

The College Fix reports:

Dartmouth survey shows Democrat students are the most intolerant

Another college survey about politics and free speech is out, and it shows that the most intolerant students on campus are those aligned with the Democratic Party.

According to The Dartmouth Survey, when it comes to someone who holds different political beliefs, Dartmouth University students who identify as Democrats are nearly two times as likely not to date such a person compared to Republican students.

They’re also four times as likely not to trust such an individual, and almost six times as likely not to make friends with him/her.

Democrats also are much less likely than Republican students to study and work on course projects with those of differing ideology.

The Dartmouth notes feelings about free speech show a similar partisan divide. While 63 percent of Democrats believe free speech on campus is “very or somewhat secure,” only 21 percent of Republicans feel likewise.


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It is interesting that though the Leftists are in the majority at the universities, they are withdrawing themselves into protective little shelters, fearful to venture outside lest they be individually identified for what they are.

This intolerance is a defensive posture; they are losing and they know it.

Dartmouth study finds that water is wet, sun is hot, sky is blue,…

Well Duh !

If one is so comfortably sure of ones own philosophical and political beliefs and the ‘rightness’ of them, then one should have no problem working with others who hold ostensibly different beliefs, right? It seems to me that there has been this push on the left to close off this true and honest discourse, and instead assume the worst and then consequently judge the other party accordingly from that perspective.

The Keyword is ‘judge’: and it is that very word ‘judge’ that cuts right to the core and exposes the malignant ethos that has infected the cause of liberalism. It is so truly and glaringly ironic, and it betrays the once noble ideals of true classical liberalism. For a glaring example just look at the neo-lefts utilization of identity politics(identification and segregation[freely by ones-self or forcibly of others] along the lines of a persons group/race/class/etc.).

Such segregation only serves to demean and disempower man as a Free thinking(and thus free acting) Individual by the transfer of that power away from the individual and to the ‘group’. All of this is conivingly dressed up in the unassumingly covetous finery of ‘me too’ socialism’. Do not be be fooled by this false ‘justice’. It is cancer and this malignancy has a name: NEOMARXISM. It’s spread had been insidious, it is anathema to the founding ideals of our nation, and it must be stopped.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.