In November 2016, New York City’s Trump Tower became the focus of national attention as the unofficial transitional “White House” as President-Elect Donald Trump prepared to take the reins of power.

This Saturday, Trump Tower was the epicenter of news again. A fire swept through the 50th floor and claimed one life.

A middle-aged man died after being pulled from a four-alarm blaze on the 50th floor of the Trump Tower in New York Saturday evening.

The unidentified 67-year-old man was unconscious and unresponsive when he was removed from the Midtown skyscraper and rushed to Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital. He was initially listed in critical condition, but pronounced dead later in the evening, according to the NYPD.

Flames and smoke were spotted billowing and debris raining down from the 50th floor of the Trump Tower around 5:30 p.m.

Besides the one fatality, four FDNY firefighters suffered non-life-threatening injuries — two of them burn-related, FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said during a press conference.

The New York City Fire Commissioner offered additional details in a press briefing:

“The apartment was virtually entirely on fire. They pushed in heroically, they were knocking down the fire, they found one occupant of the apartment on the 50th floor,” Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said.

Nigro said units went up with the Secret Service to check President Trump’s residence. Some smoke reached some of floors above the fire, he said, but it was unclear if it had reached Mr. Trump’s residence. There were no members of first family in residence.

The building is the home of the Trump Organization, as well as a number of other businesses. The cause of this blaze is currently unknown. There was another fire in Trump Tower this past January, which was determined to be caused by a problem with the building’s heating/cooling system.

The residents inside Trump Tower went through quite an ordeal.

Lalitha Masson, a 76-year-old 36th-floor resident, told the New York Post the blaze was frightening.

‘We’re terrified. It was a very horrible experience, there was no evacuation system in place, we were at a loss of what to do. I almost fainted, I thought we would die,’ she said.

‘This looks similar to when 9/11 took place. My husband is disabled and we were helpless. All we could do is put wet towels under the door and pray.’

Incredibly Masson says she learned about the fire on the television from inside her 36th floor apartment.

‘When I saw the television, I thought we were finished,’ said Masson told the New York Times. Her husband, Narinder, who is 79 has Parkinson’s disease.

‘I started praying That this was our end. I called my oldest son and said goodbye to him because the way it looked everything was falling out of the window, and it reminded me of 9/11.’

President Trump used Twitter to keep everyone apprised of the developments during the incident.

As all this terror and tragedy was occurring, the #Resistance cheered.

Singer David Crosby tweeted something so tasteless, it was quickly deleted. Too bad many of us know how to take a screen shot.

Others offered their sick, twisted theories that President Trump was destroying records ahead of a showdown with Muller.

The glee at the tragedy was not confined to Twitter, either. Here is a snippet from an ABC article’s comment section.

I will simply point out that when U. S. Senators decide that it is all right to make wise cracks about the demise of the U. S. President, which goes unchallenged by the American media or our nation’s other representatives, then we have hit a dark, new low in decorum and respect. It also gives nutcases encouragement to act out their sick, marshmallow-roasting death fantasies.

Prayers are on their way for the speedy healing of the hero firefighters who stopped this blaze from spreading further.

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