Conservative Student Attacked at Charlottesville Vigil in Syracuse

Let’s play a game. Pretend that a conservative white student approached a liberal black student at an event and said “You’re not welcome here.” What do you think would happen?

We all know what would happen. Liberal students would lose their minds and the conservative student would probably be reprimanded and forced into a diversity program.

If you switch the ideology of the students however, it’s apparently acceptable. This actually happened to a conservative black student from Ithaca College.

Spencer Brown of the Young America’s Foundation reports:

EXCLUSIVE YAF VIDEO: Conservative Student Attacked For Wearing YAF Hat At Vigil For Charlottesville VictimsCaleb Slater, a conservative student and the president of the Ithaca College Republicans, recently attended YAF’s 39th Annual National Conservative Student Conference, where he received a baseball cap with the Young America’s Foundation logo and our slogan, “The Conservative Movement Starts Here,” printed on the back. Caleb chose to wear his YAF hat when he attended a vigil in Syracuse, New York, for the victims of last weekend’s violent clash in Charlottesville.“I wore my Young America’s Foundation hat to the rally as a symbol of peace,” Caleb explained. “I wore the hat to show that conservatives condemn the actions of the alt-right just as much as anyone else in our culture.” It was this hat that earned Caleb the attention of antifa supporters at the same rally, and led to a violent attack caught on camera.This incident highlights the true intolerance of the Left today: when a conservative goes out of their way to find common ground with their ideological rivals, leftists lash out merely due to a conservative logo and slogan on a ball cap.

Here’s a video of the incident:

Caleb described the experience to YAF:

About an hour into the rally a participant noticed my hat and proceeded to stick up his middle finger at me and then direct the other antifa supporters of my very presence. One of the girls from antifa, dressed in all black, began to shout me down and ask, “Are you with right wing media? Why do you have the fu**ing hat on? You’re with Young America’s Foundation?” I simply responded by informing them that I meant no harm and was peacefully assembling. She then proceeded to yell loudly, “We don’t want you here.”At this point I turned on my camera, because I did not know what they planned on doing to me. She got more aggressive and antifa supporters surrounded me, like a pack of wolves. One member tried to grab my camera, to which I latched hard to, so that they would not damage my personal property.Another member of antifa took the hat off my head, screamed more expletives and tossed my YAF hat away. It was at this moment the camera stopped rolling, as someone pressed the record button on my camera and then proceeded to yank on the strap of my camera, choking me.Three or four of them then proceeded to continue to scream, “We don’t want you here!” while grabbing me by my button up shirt and dragging me off Clinton Square and into the street. This was NOT a blocked off road and cars were present. I could have gotten run over and they did not care.

If this incident does nothing else, it proves that leftists are lying when they claim to care about people of color. They care about ideology and anyone who thinks the wrong way will be dealt with harshly, regardless of race.

Featured image via YouTube.

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