I didn’t vote for Trump. I didn’t vote for Hillary. Neither did I vote for the toker nor the litigious left fielder. Not having a horse in the race was incredibly liberating for this former campaign lackey.

The single most enjoyable part of Trump’s election (thus far) has been the collective lefty meltdown; a glorious sight to behold.

First, there were the attempts to overturn the results of the election by way of that whole embarrassing Electoral College coup that never materialized. When the coup fell flat, the entirety of the Democrats and establishment media woke up one Monday and miraculously, simultaneously decided that despite zero evidence, the Russians had “hacked the election” — whatever that means. Sure they probably hacked into the DNC’s emails, but that was old news.

Now, and this is probably my favorite, there’s talk of impeaching Trump before he’s been sworn in.

Don’t get me wrong — I can’t stand Trump, not even a little, but as I wrote after he won the Presidential election — I’d love nothing more than to be proved wrong.

That said, talk of impeaching Trump when he’s as of yet innocent is hilarious. Sad, but hilarious.

Robert Kuttner, a HuffPo Contributor has this whole impeachment thing all planned out:

There is only one constitutional way to remove a president, and that is via impeachment.

What’s needed is a citizens’ impeachment inquiry, to begin on Trump’s first day in office.

The inquiry should keep a running dossier, and forward updates at least weekly to the House Judiciary Committee. There will be no lack of evidence.

The materials should be made public via a website. The inquiry should be conducted by a distinguished panel whose high-mindedness and credentials are, well, unimpeachable.

There needs to be a parallel public campaign, pressing for an official investigation. For those appalled by Trump, who wonder where to focus their efforts, here is something concrete―and more realistic than it may seem.

Trump has already committed grave misdeeds of the kind that the Constitutional founders described as high crimes and misdemeanors. With his commingling of his official duties and his personal enrichment, Trump will be in violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, which unambiguously prohibits any person holding public office from profiting from gifts or financial benefits from “any king, prince or Foreign state.”

Trump, who has entangled his business interests with his political connections at home and abroad, has already declared his contempt for these Constitutional protections. He declared, “The law is totally on my side, meaning the president can’t have a conflict of interest.” Oh, yes he can, and this president will.

In his dalliance with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s actions are skirting treason. John Shattuck, former Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights and former Washington legal director of the ACLU has pointed to the constitutional definition of treason: a crime committed by a person “owing allegiance to the United States who… adheres to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort.” By undermining further investigation or sanctions against the Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, Trump as president would be giving aid and comfort to Russian interference with American democracy.

“There will be a lot more once Trump takes office. Trump will make grievous mistakes,” cautions Kuttner. So, let’s impeach him before he gets a chance to maybe do something wrong!

If playing fields were remotely equal (and they’re not), just imagine the weeping and gnashing of teeth if Republicans suggested impeaching Hillary before she’d had a chance to put her talon on The Good Book. Hell, we’d be maligned as sexist, ageist, and lord knows what else.

Want to impeach Trump before he’s sworn in or immediately thereafter? Fine. The political fall-out will be glorious, as will a President Pence. And both would be wins for the right.

Lost in all of the post-Trump-win meltdowns is a tiny but very significant fact — America chose him. For better, worse, or cold war, American primary and general election voters picked The Donald to steer the ship. You don’t have to like it (I certainly don’t), but that doesn’t really matter; not when you live in a democratic republic like we do.

This is what democracy looks like!

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