We’ve seen some *impressive* student reactions to the election of Donald Trump.

But the reaction of students at Vassar College appears to be our first “primal scream.”

The student newspaper reported:

By the end of election night, Vas­sar campus was filled with faces of somber disbelief. Social media outlets were flooded with indignant outcries and passionate remarks.

Around 3 a.m. of Nov. 9, frustrated students gathered for an impromp­tu primal scream on the quad. They found fleeting solace in each other’s company, screaming together in a brief and raw moment of solidarity.

Students raged against the machine:

Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election on Nov. 8 sent shock waves across the Vassar campus—students raged, sobbed and protested.

Many students traveled to attend protests in nearby NYC:

The Vassar community has shown overwhelming support for students attending these protests. Many pro­fessors extended their paper dead­lines.

Organizations like VSA and ASA offered to reimburse students who don’t have the necessary personal funds to transport and attend events in the city….

Students found inspiration in the crowds of like-minded protesters:

[A student] comment­ed, “It was so, so inspiring. I didn’t really un­derstand the power of free speech until I stood there with thousands of other people that be­lieved the same things that I did, together. It re­ally made me feel like my opinion mattered, at a time that the election results were telling me otherwise. It gave me a sense of purpose and it was pretty cathartic in that after the protests, I felt like there were still things that I could do to change the political scenario instead of feeling sad and hopeless. And I can say with complete confidence that all my friends that went with me feel the same way.”