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Announcing Morning Insurrection newsletter

Announcing Morning Insurrection newsletter

With Cyber Insurrection and Author Quick Hits content available only in the newsletter.


So much content to offer, so little space on the website to do so without overly complicating the layout.

That’s why starting Monday, July 28, we will initiate the Morning Insurrection newsletter. The newsletter will highlight select Legal Insurrection and College Insurrection posts, but also will provide content only available in the newsletter.

The Cyber Insurrection section of the newsletter will focus on hacking, cyber espionage, internet dangers, and other tech related issues.  Of course, we still will write about such issues on the blog from time to time, but the newsletter will provide daily links and content.

The Author Quick Hits section will offer quick takes from Legal Insurrection authors as to what they are focusing on, worried about, expecting, ignoring, or otherwise. It gives us a chance to let you know what we are thinking informally without having to write up a full blog post.

If you are a registered User who has commented at least once, you will receive a one-time email giving you the chance to opt-in. If you do nothing, you will NOT receive the newsletter and there will be no further emails to you about the newsletter. [If you don’t get the email, check your spam folder just in case.]

So you have to affirmatively agree that you want to receive the newsletter — the link will be right in the email.

Alternatively, if you do not receive the email, you can


or use the box in the sidebar. You always can unsubscribe later if you change your mind.

Oh, and of course it is FREE! You can’t say No to FREE can you?

Seriously, I think you will enjoy having a Morning Insurrection.


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you guys should do a podcast.

“…a Morning Insurrection”

You are are BAD Professor…!!!

It is good to wake with a tumescent glow…

FreshPondIndians | July 24, 2014 at 2:27 pm

I’ll subscribe, but if I start getting “Professor Jacobson grew four inches of hair with this one weird trick” emails, I’ll unsubscribe.

I find your ideas intriguing and have subscribed to your newsletter. 😉

One good Insurrection deserves another. And another. And another.

Just signed up with my business addy. This below has everything to do with that addy:

The quality of being mordacious; biting severity, or sarcastic quality.

AND, it IS “quality”, trust me. Those that know me, know that…lol

Done! 😉

joethefatman | July 24, 2014 at 7:12 pm

Done. Thanks.

What the world needs is Nigerian Lawyer spam.

“My client is a Nigerian Prince who has been imprissoned unlawfully. If you send $5,000 legal fees and $5,000 bail money this Prince (I can’t name him because of Attorney-Client privacy) will deposit $10,000,000 in your bank account when you send your account number.

He is being held because he is a Harvard trained chemist who has developed a pill that is guaranteed to increase your penis size up to 45 mbps (oppps….. that was from the Comcast scam) OK…. will increase you penis size up to 48 MPG (damn…. that was from the Prius scam) OK…. will increase your penis size up to 2.3 degrees Celsius (Shit…. that was from the global warming scam). OK…. just send the money.”

You are using Mail Chimp? Should I read anything into that?

Thank you. Count me in.

Thank you. Already signed up. Deeply appreciate this blog. As for your erstwhile commenters above on their morning wakeups: I am just jealous I can’t be as witty.

I’m in. Thanks, Bill.