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Republican makes stupid statement … everyone swarm

Republican makes stupid statement … everyone swarm

The Republican nominee for Senate in Missouri , Todd Akin, made a stupid statement on a talk show today regarding abortion in cases of rape.  I’m not going to defend the statement.  It was similar to Whoppi Goldberg’s rape-rape comment.  He now has apologized.

Yet the reaction not only from the left but also Republicans on Twitter was swift that he should be forced step down, be thrown overboard, summarily executed, etc.

Dana Loesch was almost alone is saying, hold on a second, give the guy some time to clarify and don’t hold him to a standard Democrats are not held to until that clarification comes.  Which it has.  Loesch also pointed out that making a stupid statement is not the same as Claire McCaskill tanking the economy and voting for Obamacare.

Now Loesch is the object of the left’s invective on Twitter, including from well-known execrable characters (also known as nutroots leading lights).

Really, I understand why the left seeks to take advanatge of screw-ups by our candidates, but can’t we give someone a little bit of time to apologize before we swarm too?

Must we form the circular firing squad within minutes without giving the candidate a chance to react himself, and hand the election to a woman who is a walking disaster for our nation?


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