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Cпасибо and Dankeschön

Cпасибо and Dankeschön

It could have come to that, but it didn’t, and not because of the United Federation of Teachers.

Thanks to reader SoCalMike who spotted this bumper sticker in Riverside, CA:


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Wow, what a surprise, my hometown is in the news this morning! This bumper sticker is so CA, I want one!!!

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to jann. | November 30, 2011 at 11:06 am

    I’m actually surprised it was found in CA. Having lived next door to Camp Pendleton since 1977, this once red area is turning purple.

    Being a product of the public school system and not learning to read until the summer after 4th grade, I don’t credit a teacher with my literacy. I give my mom all the cudos.

      And those of us who learned to read on our own, pre-K, will just have to thank ourselves 😉

      But I like it – it’s a clever retort. Now all we need is a clever retort to the inane “It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and the Air Force has to hold a bake sale to buy bombs” bumper sticker. I see that one cropping up from time to time, and I just shake my head at the neighborhood demonstration of progressive myopia.

Cute, but it is written in English, so how would it be possible to read it any other way than in English? Is it possible to read English in German?

If you’re reading it in Spanish, thank a corrupt politician (but I repeat myself).

NB: I strongly support legal immigration by decent people who intend to transfer their primary loyalty to the USA. My attitude is very different toward reconquistadores and their quisling enablers.

The late Joey Vento, founder and longtime owner of Geno’s Steaks (as in Philly Cheese) in So’Philly (PA, of course), one of the two most famous of Philly’s cheesesteak eateries–Pat’s King of Steaks across the street being the other–had for years a big sign in the window bearing the same message as your bumper sticker. Along side the sign hangs another telling patrons to order in English as this is America and we speak English here. His right to 1) display the order-in-English sign and 2) require patrons to do so were challenged in court. Chartered bus loads of supporters rode to the hearings in City Hall. Joey and Geno’s prevailed. The signs were still there last weekend when I stepped away from the turkey carcass for a moment. There are better cheesesteaks in Philly today (just sayin’), but 9th and Passyunk is a city destination and you may stand in a long line to get one. Joey passed away in August.

Here’s the story with a picture of the sign to go along with your West Coast bumper sticker: //

And Doomo arigatoo gozaimashita!

Having read all about the then trendy (and completely disastrous) “whole language” approach to reading in the schools, I used old phonics readers to teach my kids to read before they started kindergarten.

I think my B-29 co-pilot and flight engineer father would have died laughing if you’d told him back in 1945 that he’d one day have a son who would marry a Japanese girl.

My wife’s mother was born 9 months after her (my mom-in-law) father walked into town in Marugame, Shikoku one day, many months after the war had ended, long after he’d been given up for dead.

We were watching Disney’s “Snow White” one day with the kids a few years ago. I remarked what an amazing achievement it was … having been made in 1937.

My wife exclaimed with surprise,

“Oh my God! 1937?! This was made in 1937??!! No wonder we lost the war.”

LukeHandCool (who would just like to add, God bless our troops!)