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‘Funny Thing About Cops, They Hold Grudges’

‘Funny Thing About Cops, They Hold Grudges’

This time it’s in Ohio, and the “threat” comes from a police union lawyer directed at an Ohio Republican state senator who voted in favor of S.B. 5, the bill stripping public employee unions of collective bargaining rights. 

The lawyer, after being told that the statement quoted in the post title was viewed as a threat, walked it back and denied that the grudges would be acted upon with violence.

But this is becoming a disturbing pattern in which the distinction between the police and the police unions becomes blurred, as documented in my prior posts:

The details are over at The Other McCain.

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I've met alot of policemen and firemen over the years and one thing they all had in common was they were Union goons first before they were public servants. And yes, they liked to intimidate people to get their way …
Fire them all in the morning and immediately hire them all back as non union workers and we would all be safer and richer in the long run. They would be among the richer as well.

This is one of the many reasons we have the 2nd amendment. If the police are going to become partisan political enforcers (or bystanders in other cases), they are unreliable protectors of the public.

"There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time."

Calvin Coolidge, then-Governor of Massachusetts, in a letter to the president of the American Federation of Labor (later AFL-CIO), on his actions towards the Boston police officers who went on strike in 1919.

How about just the ones who break the law are fired?

Funny thing about screenshots, they are forever.

Silly angry lefties never learn.

Linked, with video at of Ohio union thugs screaming and yelling at the statehouse yesterday, as the bill passed: 'Focus on Ohio as GOP Advances Curbs on Public Unions'.

Threatening a former member of the Special Ops community? That's pretty stupid. His friends hold grudges longer.

The purported walk-back was pretty disingenuous. As a rule, threats tend to be a bit ambiguous so as not to be prosecutable. So obviously the lawyer wasn't going to make it an explicit threat. But the implication was that the cops would have the last laugh, as it were, which suggests something a bit more consequential than their influence as a tiny voting bloc.

Also, framing it in terms of COPS holding a grudge naturally implies they would use their power AS cops, not simply their once-every-four-years say as voters. What if your kid's doctor said something similarly menacing like, "Funny thing about pediatricians: We hold grudges"? I don't think you'd assume he was talking about some "civilian" form of retribution like taking you off his Christmas card list.

I believe even Mrs. Gump would use the "t" word describing the way that lawyer's clients were behaving. His critical judgment faculty is likely clouded by advocacy responsibilities, so we probably need to take that into account before judging him too harshly. An accommodation, by the way, he seems to deny to others. Could he be arrogantly myopic?

Only someone who has had administrative dealings with Police Departments can understand the twisted thinking of these "defenders in blue".
For the most part they live in a self-serving world of their own, with the ever present it's us against them mentality.
They think they are above the laws that apply to every day citizens, and never fail to grab any additional freebees they can grab.

This situation is very, very disturbing and reminds one of why the Second Amendment is so important to preserving and defending our freedoms and liberties.

One wonders if we're seeing the country turn into the Wild West.

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