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Newt 2012

Newt 2012

I’m supporting Newt Gingrich for the 2012 Republican nomination.

May 2, 2012:

Newt has suspended the campaign.  My original entry as to why I supported Newt is below the videos:


Why I Support Newt Gingrich:  The 2012 election is a fight over history and whether there ever again will be an American century. We are on the cusp of abandoning our children and our children’s children to a narrative in which the sweep of history is on the side of an ever-expanding central state and an ever-shrinking role of the United States in the world.

A nominee who can articulate an alternative to the liberal historical narrative is not just a bonus, it is an imperative.

Only Newt has shown the ability to see the historical forest for the trees, to argue for American exceptionalism and greatness founded in history and constitutional principles, not sound bites.

We need someone who is conservative, inspirational, has command of the facts and arguments, and has the ability to bring it all together without fear of time clocks, debate moderators, or the mainstream media.

That is why I am supporting Newt Gingrich.


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“A nominee who can articulate an alternative to the liberal historical narrative is not just a bonus, it is an imperative.”
To me it’s just not about sounding good, it’s about what he would do if actually elected, and if I believe he is Conservative on cutting spending, the size of government and reducing government intervention in my life. From his past dalliances with Global warming, individual health mandate, Freddie and Fannie Mae, and his recent immigration stance, he hasn’t sold me on his honesty yet. I’m waiting for my gut to trust him, it hasn’t happened yet. I’m still supporting Perry, and will have to re-evaluate if it comes down to Romney or Newt. I’m not there yet.

Professor, I agree. I have watched many of Newt’s speeches and interviews and I now also support Newt. Wholeheartedly.

I also like the fact that Newt is asking the American people to team up and make the changes we need to put our country back on track with the constitutional rule of law. I also like the way he harkens back to Washington and the American Revolution and the sacrifices others made so that we can live free, and that we need to stand strong.

Anyone who wants to can find out exactly what Newt has in mind, by watching the speeches and interviews on YouTube (refine the search for “longer than 20 minutes” or ask by date or speech name) and on Newt dot org. A good new speech is the Staten ISland TEA Party speech from Dec. 3, 2011. Another one I love is “MICHIGAN MUST CHANGE OR DIE,” from June, 2010. Another fabulous speech is from 2009 at The Breakers, the Restoration Weekend, called “2012: VICTORY OR DEATH,” in which he talks about the Americans with George Washington and the Christmas Day crossing of the Delaware River in a snow storm, with a tiny number of men, their feet wrapped in burlap and bleeding as they marched. The password that night was “Victory or Death,” because they knew that if the revolution failed, they would all be killed by the British.

We love this country and we don’t want to see it diminished to a tyrannical, bossy, over-reaching federal government telling everyone what to do and taking all the money out of the economy for taxes. — the ever-shrinking tax revenues of a dying, choking economy.

It’s better to have the effortless, LARGER REVENUES of a lower tax rate!! That’s right, lower tax rates can produce LARGER REVENUES! KENNEDY, REAGAN, GINGRICH1994, W. BUSH.

Americans are born free. According to our idea of the world, humans are meant to be born free. Let us take out stand as in the olden time for freedom.

Professor, thanks for declaring so early. I think this may be a very interesting election indeed. It depends upon the American people. Time will tell.

But OMG, I look forward to those Lincoln-Douglas-style debates! And Newt’s first day in office with the executive orders, getting rid of the czars, and all the other things he is planning!

Couldn’t help myself on this one – great post-debate post AND Outstanding Bumper Sticker at Doug Ross !!!

I had Debate-Fatigue and didn’t go anywhere near the DNC Talking Points ABC debate.

Fortunately I set the SC Fox debate to record, along with the post debate.

Thought I saw a Montage clip of the (all the debate)Newt Sound-Bytes.

After yesterday’s Newt Pile-on

Jeffery Lord had a good piece

But 5 or so posts up to his January 27th

Santorum got the very important line that Romneycare puts Obamacare “Off the Table” for the general election

Too Many of the GOP Establishment including Romney just want to nibble around the EDGES, which to me is more RNC Same-old-same-old we’ve been dealing with at least since 2006.



The Hayride

Maggies Notebook and Romney advisor Norm Coleman

Obliquely – David Horowitz –

My husband and I are still firmly in Newt’s camp, for all the reasons you list, and that conviction has only been reinforced by conversations with younger voters.

On a recent vacation to Naples FL, a 20-year-old Democrat college student (seeing our Newt bumper sticker) struck up a surprisingly serious conversation about politics. He’d watched the GOP debate and found Newt’s “ideas” and “command of the issues” genuinely “intriguing” and “impressive” (his words all).

Our New Hampshire daughter (age 30) and her husband (an independent from MA) work full-time and parent a toddler. They rarely even watch the news. After watching a single debate, they became enthusiastic Gingrich supporters solely because of his ability to articulate a vision that was positive and appealing to them.

The GOP establishment has made a huge mistake this election cycle. The typically disengaged voter (younger voters, independents, women) are disillusioned and hungry for a candidate who can speak directly to them, capture their attention with ideas, and inspire them to see there is hope for a way out of the mess the nation is in. Newt does that. Romney and Santorum don’t.

My heart breaks for the lost opportunity. If Obama gets a second term, the New York-Washington corridor GOP establishment can blame no one but itself. It failed to recognize that this election cycle is atypical and, in its premature determination to crown Romney and eliminate Newt, all but destroyed the one candidate with the greatest potential to excite the electorate and give the GOP a victory.

Thank you for your blog and the effort you put into it every day.

What happened to these voters who were supporting Gingrich?? GOOD GRIEF!! Quit switching to the flavor of the month and pick the person who is going to straighten out this mess! It’s not rocket science at least not for Gingrich. GRINGRICH IS THE MAN W THE PLAN!!