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Still a duck, but at least he’s trying to fight the Prius Presumption. Here’s how it’s done, but you still can’t change a first impression. From frequent photographer Ulises: Even Maryland Prius drivers are for Romney… And here I was thinking they were all leftist...

Spotted by reader Patrick in Eagan, Minnesota. Supporting the Navy is one thing, but a climate change denier?  And you call yourself a Prius. ——————————————–Related Posts:Bumper Stickers – The Series Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTubeVisit the Legal Insurrection Shop on CafePress!

You’ve heard of the Peace Train, authored and sung by the person who supported the death sentence against Salman Rusdie. Now meet the Peace Prius.  Hopefully by “Peace,” the owner doesn’t mean “death to infidels” or “death to SUV owners.” Spotted at a service center...
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