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"Mr. Van Zile was intimidated, harassed, and assaulted by rally participants who turned on him after another participant identified him as a “rabid Zionist,” based on his knowledge of Mr. Van Zile’s editorials supporting Israel and criticizing its detractors. Mr. Van Zile informs us that he has not received more than a perfunctory response to either of his complaints."

Campus Reform reports how conservative student groups nationwide have trouble finding faculty advisors. At Cornell, I end up being faculty advisor to most right-of-center student campus groups because there is no one else to do it. Does this make me "the most important Social Justice Warrior in Ithaca"?

Condemns Vassar Students for Justice in Palestine for shouting genocidal slogan at Israeli speaker Hen Mazzig and disrupting his speech: "the use of the chant—in this way, directed at this speaker—crossed the line into anti-Semitism. We have begun our adjudication processes, which by federal law are confidential."