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U. of Maine Kicks Off Black History Month by Raising a Black Lives Matter Flag

U. of Maine Kicks Off Black History Month by Raising a Black Lives Matter Flag

“The ceremony was hosted by the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion”

For a while, it seemed like the left’s obsession with Black Lives Matter was over. Apparently not.

Campus Reform reports:

University of Maine commences Black History Month with raising of BLM flag

On Feb. 1, the University of Maine raised a “Black Lives Matter” flag on its Orono campus to celebrate the beginning of February as Black History Month.

The ceremony was hosted by the university’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), which, according to its website, “serves as a vital and integral resource for students and employees in the areas of equity, inclusion, and diversity.”

In a Feb. 2 Facebook post, the school shares a picture of the flag raising, with the flag placed immediately outside the university bookstore. “Yesterday, the UMaine Community celebrated the start of Black History Month with the annual raising of the Black Lives Matter flag in the Memorial Union,” the post reads.

Facebook users quickly posted critical responses to the raising of the BLM flag displayed prominently on Maine’s campus.

“So disappointed that UMaine chose to hoist the flag of a corrupt corporation who publicly supports terrorists,” Facebook user Amy Rebecca wrote. “There are thousands of different ways you could’ve chosen to support Black History Month, but instead you chose this. How do you think this will make your student body targeted by this group feel? So much for DEI.”

Another Facebook user named Elizabeth Ann commented on the post: “Considering the imprisonment of several of the founders of the BLM foundation for their siphoning of funds, there are much better ways to uplift and support the Black community for Black history month. A flag that supports this contentious organization is incongruous to the genuine support of Black history month.”

ODI, which organized the flag-raising, states on its website that it is committed to supporting “historically underrepresented identities, including but not limited to sexuality, race, gender identity, spirituality, ethnicity, ability, religion, nationality, socio-economic status, and others.”


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destroycommunism | February 9, 2024 at 12:06 pm

communists are anything but inclusive

unless by inclusion you mean into the gulag

Woke progressive lefties in MA banning their own state flag because its raaaaaaaaaacist. But approve the palestine flag and BLM flag?

The removal or persistance of BLM signs is an interesting natural experiment: how long does it take for folks to realize that corrupt Marxism is not helping anyone except for corrupt Marxists. I had two neighbors that posted BLM yard signs since shortly after the well known 2,000 mile distant police incident. One sign has been taken down. The other neighbor apparently still thinks that siding with a corrupt Marxist organization is still cool. This is in a city that the national majority demographic is in the minority with the city priding itself on equal treatment & tolerance – not exactly the epicenter of anything that could be remotely called systemic racism.

“For a while, it seemed like the left’s obsession with Black Lives Matter was over. Apparently not.”

The white left, that is. Because both of the black people in Maine adamantly deny having anything to do with this.

Maine leftists support burning Old Glory as a “protest”. Turnabout is fair play. Can you imagine the hue, cry and bellowing if the BLM flag was burned? St. George Floyd Season 2.