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Princeton Student Newspaper has More Asexual Journalists Than Conservatives

Princeton Student Newspaper has More Asexual Journalists Than Conservatives

“about three percent of the 231 respondents to the sexual orientation question picked this option”

Additionally, almost everyone on the staff identifies as left-wing.

The College Fix reports:

Princeton newspaper has more ‘asexual’ members than ‘very right wing’ ones

Journalists walking through The Daily Princetonian offices are more likely to bump into someone who is “asexual” than a reporter who is “very right wing,” according to the student newspaper’s latest “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging” report.

The report from Princeton University’s campus newspaper found just .5 percent of its team identify as “very right wing.” This means, based on the 211 respondents to the question, there is one person on the newspaper who is “very right wing.” Another 3.3 percent of the editors and staff are “slightly right wing.”

By contrast, nearly 80% is either “very left-wing” or “slightly left wing.”

But while there is one “very right wing” journalist at the Daily Princetonian, there are at least seven “asexual” members – about three percent of the 231 respondents to the sexual orientation question picked this option. Therefore there are about as many asexual members (seven) as there are “right wing” (eight). There could, possibly, be overlap, though LGBT identification is closely tied to being politically liberal.

The number of respondents, above 200, proves it to be a comprehensive survey – there around 50 editors and 200 staffers at the newspaper.

About one in three Daily Princetonian members are LGBT, according to the report.

“Nearly 65 percent of the ‘Prince’ identifies as heterosexual or straight,” the report stated. “This is a slight decrease from last year’s DEIB survey numbers, which reported that just over 61 percent of the ‘Prince’ identified as heterosexual or straight.” The newspaper presumably means slight increase.

Among the Princetonian team, 1.7 percent is “pansexual” and 16.5 percent is “bisexual.”

The newspaper provided minimal commentary on the skewed results, except to say it’s become more “moderate.” “Over the years, the ‘Prince’ has become more moderate. In 2021 and 2022, 7.5 percent and 10.6 percent identified as moderate, respectively. This year, 16.1 percent of respondents identify as moderate,” the student newspaper reported.


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When last I heard, asexual means they reproduce like amoebae.

    henrybowman in reply to Tim1911. | February 13, 2024 at 3:16 am

    No, it’s just another word for incel (they can’t call themselves that because they reserve that for right-wingers).

wagnert in atlanta | February 13, 2024 at 10:27 am

Well, I went off and looked through some of the report. They sliced and diced the data six ways from Sunday. The best I can say for it is at least they were happy and quiet and weren’t out throwing dornicks at coppers or gluing themselves to the pavement somewhere.

Why would anyone even answer a questionnaire like that? I would give them such nonsensical answers just to skew the results that it would be useless….this kind of information is none of anybody’s business!

The “moderate” self-identification is useless. These people live in a bubble where the “center” is to the left of Lenin. For that matter, the right-wingers probably align with Mitt Romney.

As a conservative who worked in Manhattan for many years, I can attest that there are many leftists who truly believe that they’re moderates.