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UPenn Hit With Antisemitism Lawsuit

UPenn Hit With Antisemitism Lawsuit

“Plaintiffs and their Jewish peers are routinely subjected to vile and threatening antisemitic slurs and chants such as …’Fuck the Jews,’…’you are a dirty Jew, don’t look at us,’ ‘keep walking you dirty little Jew,’ [and] ‘get out of here kikes!'”

As we recently reported, on December 5 the Presidents of Harvard and MIT and the former University of Pennsylvania President famously testified to Congress, each of them refusing to state that calls by students and faculty at their respective schools for the genocide of Jews violated their schools’ code of conduct:

In an interview after the testimony, Professor Jacobson stated that “the three Presidents were, frankly, fairly pathetic.” From his post:



And I’m being generous.

After the Congressional testimony, Penn lost a $100 million donation, as we reported: UPenn Loses $100 Million Donation Following Disastrous Hearing on Campus Anti-Semitism

And, of course, now we know that Liz Magill, the President of Penn, and Scott Bok, Chair of the Penn Board of Trustees, have both resigned, as Professor Jacobson reported: U. Penn President Liz Magill Resigns (Update: Chair of Bd of Trustees Scott Bok Also Resigns).

You might not want to be too quick to shed a tear over former President Liz Magill’s plight, however, since she is still a fully tenured professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School:

Of course her bio at the law school is overflowing with all of her accolades:

On July 1, 2022, M. Elizabeth “Liz” Magill became the University of Pennsylvania’s ninth president. A legal scholar and inspiring leader, Magill comes to Penn after serving as Executive Vice President and Provost at the University of Virginia and, prior to that, as the Richard E. Lang Professor and Dean of the Stanford Law School. Magill’s leadership at both UVA and Stanford brought transformative changes to both institutions.

You have to go pretty deep into Magill’s bio to realize that she actually at one point used to be a professor of administrative and constitutional law. Too bad she was too busy being an administrative apparatchik to remember some of her con law. Oh well, she’ll be fine.

James Woods sums up:

Which brings us to the point of this post: on the same day former President Magill and her two antisemitic buddies testified to Congress, Penn was jackhammered with a major antisemitism lawsuit by the same Manhattan heavy-hitter law firm (Kasowitz Benson Torres) that slammed NYU with an antisemitism lawsuit two weeks ago, which we covered: NYU Slammed with Massive Antisemitism Lawsuit.

The “Preliminary Statement” in the NYU lawsuit detailed the disgusting antisemitism rampant allegedly present at NYU as follows:

The age-old virus of antisemitism is alive and well at New York University. This case arises from NYU’s egregious civil rights violations that have created a hostile educational environment in which plaintiffs and other Jewish NYU students have been subjected to pervasive acts of hatred, discrimination, harassment, and intimidation. For years, NYU—acutely aware of ongoing and disgraceful acts of anti-Jewish bigotry—has reacted with, at best, deliberate indifference, refusing to enforce its own anti-discrimination and conduct policies that it readily applies to protect other targets of bigotry, and instead fostering an environment in which students and faculty members are permitted to repeatedly abuse, malign, vilify, and threaten Jewish students with impunity. Regularly confronted with such genocidal chants as, “Hitler was right,” “gas the Jews,” “death to kikes,” and “from the river to the sea,” and other abuse, plaintiffs not only have been deprived of the ability and opportunity to fully and meaningfully participate in NYU’s educational and other programs, but they have suffered and have been put at severe risk of extreme emotional and physical injury.

[emphasis added]

Similarly, the Complaint in the Penn lawsuit details the goings on at Penn:

1. Penn, the historic 300-year-old Ivy League university, has transformed itself into an incubation lab for virulent anti-Jewish hatred, harassment, and discrimination. Once welcoming to Jewish students, Penn now subjects them to a pervasively hostile educational environment. Among other things, Penn enforces its own rules of conduct selectively to avoid protecting Jewish students from hatred and harassment, hires rabidly antisemitic professors who call for anti-Jewish violence and spread terrorist propaganda, and ignores Jewish students’ pleas for protection. In doing so, Penn has placed plaintiffs and other Jewish and Israeli students at severe emotional and physical risk.

2. This lawsuit seeks to hold Penn accountable under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for the damages it has caused plaintiffs and for its failure to remedy the hostile environment on its campus. The harassment and discrimination on campus and in the classroom are relentless and intolerable. Plaintiffs and their Jewish peers are routinely subjected to vile and threatening antisemitic slurs and chants such as “Intifada Revolution,” “from the River to the Sea,” “Fuck the Jews,” “the Jews deserve everything that is happening to them,” “you are a dirty Jew, don’t look at us,” “keep walking you dirty little Jew,” “get out of here kikes!” and “go back to where you came from.” Plaintiffs and other Jewish students must traverse classrooms, dormitories, and buildings vandalized with antisemitic graffiti. Subjected to intense anti-Jewish vitriol, these students have been deprived of the ability and opportunity to fully and meaningfully participate in Penn’s educational and other programs.

[emphasis added]

You can read the entire, 259-paragraph, 84-page Complaint here, but please watch this quick 5-minute video by the lead Plaintiff in the Penn lawsuit to get a feel for how he and other Jewish students at Penn are (allegedly) treated by their fellow students, Professors, and the Penn Administration:

This student might be the best trial witness in the history of federal lawsuits, but my guess is Penn will settle this case out of fear that this student will decimate them at trial. I hope not, and I hope Kasowitz lines up about 30 other Jewish student trial witnesses who can testify to the horrific treatment they have suffered at Penn and the university’s appalling lack of response to that treatment.

We shall see.


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Colleges hiring by DEI: Don’t Expect Intelligence.

Perhaps coincidentally, UPenn accepted approximately $100 million from CCP-related entities after Joe Biden formally affiliated himself with the school in 2017. UPenn may have needed it to fund its DEI efforts.

They picked the right student to speak. He did a great job.

On a side note, we all know about the high profile case of the donor trying to get back his $100 million donation (I’m not sure if he’s rescinding a pledge to donate or if the check has already cleared the bank.)

At any rate, I am curious if any left wing millionaires INCREASED pledges/donations after his announcement?

I would not at all be surprised if some did.

    MajorWood in reply to Groty. | December 11, 2023 at 3:53 pm

    Perhaps a bigger difference now is that donations come with a lot more legalese about how that money is to be used as directed, or returned.

I think we need to be careful how we frame this. Like gun control, the action of the shooter is key, not the gun. Same with free speech.

Will there be an anti defamation white league in the future?

The 100 M that previously “ Jewish” money that funded Penn was not wisely spent. Maybe the law suit will fix that, but you really have to ask the question of who is behind the previous funding and hold them accountable. The damage done by DEI and things like common core are just the tip of the ice berg and I do not see how we can fix it.

Louis K. Bonham | December 11, 2023 at 9:08 am

This is the way. It’s gonna be epic. I hope MIT is next, especially as it has doubled down on its president’s testimony (unlike Harvard and Penn).

As I have learned from various open records requests to public universities, the wokesters truly have no filters when they talk among themselves. Discovery in these cases is going uncover stuff that will make what the plaintiff’s counsel discovered in Gibson v. Oberlin look tame.

Eyal presser is good, “but” reality that J6 prosecution and the Vax are being used against people means the probably is bigger. It is not an antisemitic issue, it is about holding the true predators accountable. I think he was idealistic to think UPenn was safe.

I am not Jewish, but I weep in despair. My God, doesn’t humanity EVER improve?

    Dimsdale in reply to Hodge. | December 11, 2023 at 9:57 am

    Not in higher reeducation…

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Hodge. | December 11, 2023 at 12:26 pm

    Some of humanity does improve, most of this problem is due to allowing barbaric Muslims to immigrate to America.

    It is not just the 1st generation, in that they are passing their crap on to their children, just like Pale low life.


This is great news. This story gets better and better.


Do you think these unqualified anti-Semitists should keep their jobs?

Well, Duh! Do one-legged ducks swim in a circle?

I’ll bet the school gets the best Jewish lawyers to defend it.

I am trying to think of the last time a Jewish lawyer pretended to be Irish. Wait, I should have said “the first time.” Both Larry David and Saul Goodman covered this aspect pretty well.

As I said before, they key here is to get really big ugly glasses or some other display which then distracst away from the other glaring defects. That Side-show Bob impersonator at the White House is the queen of this tactic.

Subotai Bahadur | December 11, 2023 at 6:11 pm

The complaint reminded me of my youth. My father came from China, thus though born here I am ethnically Chinese. I am old. As in I started elementary school in Wichita, Kansas in the mid-1950’s. Just a couple of years after the Panmunjon Agreement that put a truce on the Korean War where among other things, Chinese and Americans were fighting.

Wichita was a big defense industry town then, in that there was a base where B-52 strategic bombers were based and a Boeing factory where they were made. I was the only non-white kid in the school. And a lot of my school mates’ fathers worked at Boeing.

Coming home at noon [I was in the morning kindergarten session] I would be surrounded sometimes by groups of older kids going home for lunch. They would be shouting anti-Chinese sayings, and occasionally throwing rocks at me. If I ever finish going bald, I am pretty sure there will be some scars visible because I came home several times bleeding from the scalp.

I sympathize with the Jewish students, because in my own way I have been there and done that. But these are deadlier and more violent times, and I expect worse to come than threats.

Subotai Bahadur

    BierceAmbrose in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | December 11, 2023 at 11:46 pm

    Our culture — media, politics, education, even businesses — has been taken over by the cool kids mean kids’ table in the middle school cafeteria. We had mitigating agreements called civilization, since jettisoned, and people who enforced them, since replaced.

    Lord of the Flies was supposed to be a cautionary tale, not a how to manual.

Do not settle.