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‘Pro-Palestine’ College Students in Philadelphia Staging Sit-ins, Issue Demands

‘Pro-Palestine’ College Students in Philadelphia Staging Sit-ins, Issue Demands

“Swarthmore College must drop all disciplinary actions against students for organizing in solidarity with Palestine and refrain from issuing similar disciplinary penalties going forward”

Why do these students think they’re in a position to make demands of anyone?

The College Fix reports:

Philly-area pro-Palestinian college students engage in sit-ins, won’t leave until demands met

Pro-Palestinian students at the Philadelphia-adjacent Swarthmore and Haverford Colleges are currently engaged in sit-ins at administrative buildings, with those at the former saying they won’t leave until their demands are met.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports Swarthmore President Valerie Smith’s office building currently is home to roughly 50 protesters who claim that, as a Quaker institution, the school “has the moral obligation” to side with the Palestinians against Israel’s “genocide.”

The so-called Swarthmore Palestine Coalition, a coalition of 29 student groups according to The Phoenix, wants President Smith to “condemn Israeli aggression,” “express solidarity with the Palestinian people and Arab, Muslim, and Brown students,” and “mourn the thousands of Palestinians murdered in Gaza.”

The SPC also is demanding a boycott and divestment of Israel in accordance with a 2019 student government resolution, and blanket “protection” from any campus disciplinary measures — especially given the SPC is comprised predominately of first year/low income students and students of color.

“Swarthmore College must drop all disciplinary actions against students for organizing in solidarity with Palestine and refrain from issuing similar disciplinary penalties going forward,” the group declared.

Swarthmore Assistant Vice President of Communications Alisa Giardinelli noted that some students, both pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel who “may have violated the college’s conduct,” received disciplinary warning letters — and only after they’d spoken with school officials who “attempted to discourage them from further violations.”


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Trespass them for unauthorized use of campus facilities. Ban from campus, internet courses only. If they return to campus, expel them. The college is within its right to do so. Students don’t have ownership rights to college facilities.

I missed the part about all of the “pro-Israel” students who occupied the admin offices. I suspect that there weren’t any who received any letters and she only said that as a deflection.

Suggested counter-offer from Swarthmore administration: “Get your a**es back in class or be expelled.”

Why do students think they have some kind of special rights to disrupt campus?

If you owned hotel, and hotel guest pays in advance, checks into room, then creates disturbance in hotel lobby, the hotel has the right to cancel their room without refund. Clean out their room, put their personal property on the sidewalk, change the locks. Its a teachable moment in how the real world works.

Then the college should put it on the front page of the college website and leave up for the remainder of the year. Show some leadership and students will respect. Some types of students will not apply there in the future, while other students will replace them.

    BierceAmbrose in reply to smooth. | December 11, 2023 at 11:23 pm

    They are the righteous vanguard of a new order, based in revelation only vouchsafed to them because of their awesomeness. An order so profoundly greater, it justifies anything required to make it so.

    Read The Port Huron Statement. It’s been this way on “elite” US college campuses for over half a century. Read anybody else’s manifesto. It’s been this way with revelations to the self-righteous since forever.

I love it when children demand things. Suspend all of them for the next semester and if they do it again expel them. Gee, why is this so hard?

    artichoke in reply to diver64. | December 13, 2023 at 8:29 am

    It’s always been because the administration wants to promote them and their views. But now leftist Jews are having an awakening, some anyway.

Obviously this situation will get worse before it can possibly get better


Just. Walk. Away.

Get a job and take some time to reassess.

Or — consider transferring to a college in, say, Puerto Rico (USA). Why? Because you’ll graduate fluent in Spanish … and that will open more doors for you in the future than anything that Swarthmore or Haverford or Bryn Mawr can.

    Baxter in reply to Baxter. | December 12, 2023 at 5:37 am

    Puerto Rico not glamorous enough for you? There’s Spain and Argentina and others. I think the oldest continuously operating university in the Western Hemisphere is in Lima, Peru — predates Harvard by about a hundred years.

    You’ve got numerous additional options

    Think it over

    Grow a pair, think it over, and get on with Life.

    artichoke in reply to Baxter. | December 13, 2023 at 8:27 am

    That’s a brilliant idea. Puerto Rico is an underappreciated opportunity for Americans.

Why does Swarthmore College being founded by Quakers “have the moral obligation” to side with Muslim supremacists who falsely claim membership in a nation that never existed, have no interest in having their own nation, and whose only goal truly is GENOCIDE? These students are despicable human beings. They deserve to be expelled. However, the billions of dollars spent by neo-nazi Muslim countries such as Iran, Qatar, and others, would make Swarthmore reluctance to expelled these despicable miscreants.

Over 100 admissions mistakes are occuping the admissions building …