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COP28 President Asserts ‘Role of Fossil Fuels’ Must be Part of Climate Deal

COP28 President Asserts ‘Role of Fossil Fuels’ Must be Part of Climate Deal

The fail is coming fast and furious for this conference.

I recently observed that the United Nations annual climate extravaganza [Conference of Parties 28 (COP28)] was on a swifter failure trajectory than previous conferences.

Clearly, my ability to see into the future is not to be underestimated. To begin with, despite the previous summits clamoring for the end of carbon emissions, this year, the president of the conference has different ideas . . . placing him in direct opposition to the climate cultist who heads the United Nations.

But Sultan Al Jaber, the president of COP28 and chief of UAE oil giant ADNOC [Abu Dhabi National Oil Company], asked delegates in Dubai to “adopt a different mindset” as negotiations commenced.

“It is essential that no issue is left off the table… we must look for ways and ensure the inclusion of the role of fossil fuels,” Jaber said in his opening address.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had earlier told AFP that leaders should aim for a complete “phaseout” of fossil fuels, a position shared by many nations and environment campaigners at the conference.

To atone for the grave sin of selling fossil fuels for profit, the United Arab Emirates is paying a “climate indulgence” fine to a climate fund.

The plan was announced Friday at opening proceedings of the annual U.N. Climate Change Conference, which the UAE is hosting this year in Dubai. It was unveiled as the petrostate tries to burnish its credentials as a leader in the clean energy transition, even as it continues the oil investments that have brought Emiratis tremendous wealth. The money to fund the projects will come largely from oil revenue.

The newly established fund was “specifically designed to bridge the climate finance gap” and stimulate further investment of $250 billion by 2030, UAE President Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan told leaders gathered at the talks known as COP28.

The likely outcome: More natural gas sales (thanks UAE) with the Potemkin solar and wind farms.

Citizens around the world are now onto the power-grabbing, money-grubbing climate scam. Hot Air contributor Beege Welborn reports that African policy makers are not buying anything COP28 is selling.

The other problem with the COP party in Dubai’s supposed war on gas and oil is that many of the attendees aren’t pretending anymore. They won’t sign away their rights to develop and utilize their own natural resources to live Third World lives any longer in order to appease the sensibilities of Kerry, DeCaprio, the European Union, Thunberg, et al – all of whom themselves are warm, comfortable and well-fed.

As my friend and African advocate for self-determination Jusper Machugo basically says, keep your windmills. Give us diesel, tractors, synthetic fertilizers, electricity for cities – not just a lightbulb in a hut powered by a solar cell outside.

India has actually committed itself to using more coal.

India is the world’s third-largest emitter of carbon dioxide after China and the US, with a booming economy driving electricity demand up 9.6% in fiscal year 2023.

“There will be pressure again on those countries who use coal,” RK Singh, minister of power and new and renewable energy, said Nov. 6. “Our point of view is that we are not going to compromise with the availability of power for growth.”

Public sector power companies are constructing about 27 GW of thermal plants — almost all coal — but this is insufficient, according to Singh. The country needs “at least 80 GW” of new capacity to meet future demand, he said.

India generated 149.66 TWh of electricity in September, of which 108.70 TWh, or 73%, was coal-fired, data from Central Electricity Authority showed. The coal-fired figure was up 17% year on year.

And as the green energy dominoes line up in Dubai, Climate Czar John Kerry appears quite dejected when being questioned about countries backing away from unreasonable energy goals relying on inefficient, unreliable, and expensive energy sources.

It’s still early in the conference. I am sure I will have lots more failure to report over the course of the next week.


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When the Soviet Union fell, all the communists went to the environmental movement; goals are the same.

If India and China don’t change their emissions, any ‘climate deal’ can **** right off.

Any ‘deal’ that doesn’t involve them is just signaling that you don’t actually believe the climate crap that you’re spewing.

I bet that if someone dug deep enough they would find China’s fingerprints all over climate change, it may be another example of their unrestricted warfare. Get the west to lower their competitiveness.

“To atone for the grave sin of selling fossil fuels for profit, the United Arab Emirates is paying a “climate indulgence” fine to a climate fund.”

An indulgence ultimately paid for by end users not the aristocrats.

All the good eating and drinking is in talking about it — not doing it.

Oh no. I guess the deal is off, then. Anyway.